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Rear facing pushchair- am torn between Quinny Buzz and Britax Vigour 4. Advice???

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littlelamb Wed 24-Sep-08 16:04:56

Thats it really. I need a pushchair that rear faces for when dd is at preschool and its just me and ds. He is not yet 4 months but quite a big boy and sits happily in the second seat on our Phil and Ted, but I really would like to b able to look at him! I saw both of these yesterday but the showroom was sooooo teeny I couldn't actually push them. I do like the new quinny Buzz3, we have the maxi cosi car seat that would clip on, and I think it might have a better resale value when he outgrows it! But the wheel base seemed ever so wide. I also liked the Britax Vigour 4, but it seemed a bit less sturdy? Nice big shopping basket and seat unit though. We would only really use it in town, so don't need it to be particuarly rugged, but I wonder if the Quinny would be lighter to push because of the air tyres? If anyone has any experience of either (or suggestions for a pushchair I haven't thought of) I'd be really grateful

wontbepreggersagain Wed 24-Sep-08 16:17:33

quinny doesn't sit up well rear facing- they are always semi-reclined. Have a pathalogical hatred of the buzz after owning one! do like the vigour3 though- have you looked at mia moda elite?? fabbo buggy grin

babyjjbaby Wed 24-Sep-08 20:28:02

i like the buzz compared to othe 3 wheelers cos they are shorter to sterr but am selling mine cos i don't like the seat as it doesn't lie flat luvly buggy tho

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