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Does anyone have the LIttle tikes peak n rail set?

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mamadiva Wed 24-Sep-08 09:38:21

I have a 2.5YO DS who is mad about trains, cars and anything else that has wheels.

I want to get him something like that for his christmas I was going to gte a wooden one but they all have the magnet warning whic has put m,e right off.

Would you say the little tikes set is too young for him or should I get a wooden one anyway.

mamadiva Wed 24-Sep-08 09:51:17


sitdownpleasegeorge Wed 24-Sep-08 10:04:51

The little tikes peak and rail set would be absolutely ideal for a 2.5 y/old boy.

We've got this set and a 2 year old who loves anything with wheels - he plays with it a lot.

P.S. You can usually pick them up very cheaply on ebay in good condition and with original boxes so if you don't mind second hand you can save a lot of dosh. At that age they won't know it's not brand spanking new.

RubyRioja Wed 24-Sep-08 10:05:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mamadiva Wed 24-Sep-08 10:54:37

LOL thank you ladies, it's only £19.99 if I need to get it new but if not I'll defo look on ebay though am trying for a budget christmas this year TBH so the more pennies saved the better

sitdownpleasegeorge Wed 24-Sep-08 11:17:09

Have just trawled ebay and although they are cheap as chips for the set itself, postage is about £10.00.

If you search by putting your postcode in and see if there are any within collection distance and keep doing this I'll bet you get one for a few quid in plenty of time before Christmas.

There always seem to be about a dozen of them for sale at any point in time and my skint friend got a perfect one for a winning bid of only 99p after a month or so by searching in this way and collecting it herself.

Many people sell them with things missing/replacement cars/figures substituted though so look at the descriptions carefully.

Nbg Wed 24-Sep-08 11:23:54

We got it for ds1's 2nd birthday last month and its ideal for him.

He does trash it and take it to bits quite alot but he is very boisterous grin

We got it for £10 from a very good local toy shop.
They sell online, called Southolme Adventure toys.
Give them a call and see if they have any in stock.

The reason ours was reduced was because the box was damaged!

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