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Need new Nokia mobile phone. Utterly ignorant about what's good and what's not. Any recommendations?

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appleoverload Tue 23-Sep-08 13:22:54

I need a new mobile phone for the first time in yonks. I've had the option to upgrade for a while, but my old phone's worked, so there's been no need. It is now broken, and so Vodafone have told me to choose a phone I like and they'll give it to me. Very nice too - but I have no clue about what's a good phone nor how to start sifting through the options.

I'm used to Nokia, so would prefer to stick with them. I briefly had a querty keyboard one years ago, which was fun. I text a lot, so a model which has a decent saved predictive text memoory would be great - my current one doesn't seem to remember the words I save in it. And a model which can actually cope with sending the photos it takes would be good, which mine couldn't. Maybe a personal organiser/calendar/reminder function might be helpful.

Now, if someone can recommend their own brilliant, all-singing all-dancing, easy-to-use Nokia to me, that would be great. grin


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