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Silvercross coachbuilt toddler seats?

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stellar Tue 23-Sep-08 12:28:39

I have a large (just turned) 2yr old and a new baby. My toddler is very big, strong, stubborn and prone to running off etc so no chance of getting him to walk on reins. shock

Has anyone used a coachbuilt pram for children simlar ages? Is the pram stable enough with a large toddler perched on top? What do you do when its raining? What about if your toddler needs a nap? And what about when the weather gets cold and it gets icy underfoot? hmm (esp since we live at the top of a hill and will have the school run to do)

Which would be the best choice between a kensington and a balmoral for two little ones - or does it not really matter? (I have a choice of two available to me and trying to decide which would be the better/sturdier option)

Thanks grin

mamadiva Wed 24-Sep-08 09:00:11

A friend of mine has a Coachbuilt Silvercross not sure which ones. But she hates walking down hills with it because it is heavy and always slips away from her. She only has one child but doesn't feel as though it's secure and safe for her or baby.

The toddler seats ahve no protection at all if it reins child gets soaked, there is no way a toddler could sleep on one of those because there is hardly even a backrest!

My advice don'tdo it spend some money on a half decent twin pushchair,

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