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Does anyone NOT like their Phil & Ted's?

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pgwithnumber3 Tue 23-Sep-08 11:36:52

Before I spend ££££ on one, please tell me if they are shite or not. I only tend to see people posting about the positives of them but I want to hear what is negative. <weirdo emoticon>

nicolamumof3 Tue 23-Sep-08 11:49:52

nope had mine and been using for about 3weeks. have found no faults whatsover, sorry pg grin it has made getting out with two toddlers sooo much easier.

pgwithnumber3 Tue 23-Sep-08 11:54:59

I suppose I don't want to hear any negatives! But wanted to hear if there were any iyswim?!

Have you got the Sport Nicola? There is a good deal on a shop near me (where I got my Bugaboo from) - £353 for the Sport with the doubles kit and raincover. I would only need to get the cocoon and a footmuff for DD1.

nicolamumof3 Tue 23-Sep-08 11:59:30

yes thats about the best price you can get them for. i've got the sport in camo blue. love it. I paid £385.99 from fab customer service, that included the doubles, raincover and either a cocoon or footmuff. when do you need it by? the dash comes out in november, so im wondering if the sports will come down in price?

pgwithnumber3 Tue 23-Sep-08 12:04:12

I don't need it until around November/December. DD3 due end of Jan/beg of Feb so need it definitely for January but sold DD2's Bugaboo last week <sobs> and could do with a more comfortable pram for her during the Winter. Also though the double seat would be great for loading Xmas presents with (I can walk into my town centre from my house)!

Wonder how much the Dash will be?

dotty2 Tue 23-Sep-08 12:05:10

I had the E3, so this might not apply to the sport, but one thing I found was that they are just not that robust. We previously had a Nipper from Out and About and that stood up to all kinds of hammering. We have mostly only used the P&T round town, and not folded it down much either, but it is quite badly worn in places. Am a bit cross about this as had been counting on their high resale value to justify the investment.

Side-by-sides are also more flexible for trips where the little one is asleep for part of the time, awake the rest. I used to put DD2 in the flat bit to sleep and then have to shift it all round when she woke up and wanted to see the world - but that was post 4 months or so, and if we'd had a reclining back seat (as in the sport) she could perhaps have slept in that - still not v.comfy, though.

Having said that, I don't regret buying it as I think all double buggies have their drawbacks.

nicolamumof3 Tue 23-Sep-08 12:10:35

not sure theres some on ebay from america, i personally prefer the look of the sport over the dash and the vibe.

MuffinMclay Tue 23-Sep-08 12:14:54

I have a few niggles with mine.

1. Build quality is a bit iffy. Mine fell apart last week (literally). There are 2 huge screws and bolts (may not be the right term) that hold it together - one at each side - and one fell off altogether. Was a real pita to screw it back together. I couldn't do it with a spanner, and ended up having to bash the bolt with a hammer to get it on (damaging the paintwork in the process).
Also lots of bits of the fabric are fraying, and I've only had it since Feb.

2. For the first 4-6 months, when the extra seat is on top, it is impossible to use the raincover or hood efficiently (toddler's head is in the way).

I think it is clever for what it does, and the competition is a bit limited, so I don't think I regret buying it.
I do treat mine quite roughly though (country walks, throwing into and out of the car etc) so that may be the cause of my niggles.

pgwithnumber3 Tue 23-Sep-08 12:26:03

Would a side by side such as a Mountain Buggy be better for me, DD2 is tiny, she will only be 16 months when DD3 is born, she still likes to nap in her buggy and I think I will be using my pushchair until she is around 3-4 because I walk so much. I cannot imagine a2-3 year old sitting in the doubles seat underneath (would be DD3). Oh flaming nora. I am fed up of double prams.

GordonTheGopher Tue 23-Sep-08 12:27:31

It is bulky - you need a massive boot. The storm cover is just velcroed on and comes off with the slightest bit of wind.

I still like mine.

curlywurlycremeegg Tue 23-Sep-08 12:30:45

I hated mine and got rid of it PDQ, I had a single MB and wished I had gone for a double, the p&t was just so heavy in comparisson and not as sturdy off road.

spinspinsugar Tue 23-Sep-08 12:33:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

giraffescantdancethetango Tue 23-Sep-08 12:34:14

i love it. only 2 doubles i have ever used though are it and maclaren. so not much comparison. (imo maclaren is shite)

nicolamumof3 Tue 23-Sep-08 14:45:23

maclaren double was fine but too heavy as they get older. i could bearly push my with ds2 2.yrs and ds3 14m. got the p&t and it was a breeze. For a newborn though i have no experience of the p&t. I have heard v.good things about mountain buggies thou. if you consider a side by side you need to check widths, ie, your front door that it goes through...seriously!

TheBlonde Tue 23-Sep-08 14:49:19

The harness straps are cheap and nasty
The recline on the sport is fine for a tiny baby or a short toddler but my 2 year old was too tall for it, also didn't fit under the hood

I don't drive but if you do you need a big boot and it's heavy to lift in and out

If we had a wider hall I might have gone for a MB instead

snickersnack Tue 23-Sep-08 14:49:41

It is a pig to fold up and very hard to carry and move when folded. It goes in our boot but you have to approach it from the right angle. Otherwise, it's been very useful.

lorisparkle Tue 23-Sep-08 18:36:32

i hate mine so don't know if i am doing something wrong. this is what i hate...

no where to put shopping or changing bag

ds2 is 4 months and does not seem comfortable in it

ds1 is 2 and is physically hard to get in the seats if he does not want to and will either kick ds2 in the front or put his feet on the wheel at the front

ds1 plays with the shopping basket and wheels when in the back

if only one child is in the back then it feels very unstable

brake is a pain when seat is at the back

i do have an old version so they may have improved it!


TheBlonde Tue 23-Sep-08 18:42:08

just remembered the other issue I have - the dbl raincover is huge and v difficult to pack away

Kathyis6incheshigh Tue 23-Sep-08 18:44:23

I love mine very much, but agree with Snickersnack about it being hard to carry when folded. And the rain cover sucks.

silverfrog Tue 23-Sep-08 18:47:40

I have one, and overall I love it, but it does have niggles:

the harness straps are crap, and really fiddly - also, there's loads of strap left loose, so dd1 chews it all the time angry

the recline on the second seat would be a problem for ay average sized child - dd1 is 19 months, but tiny and I think she is finally a bit too big for it (haven't checked recently - she doesn't sleep much in the buggy anymore)

the brake is really stiff - so much so that I find it hard to put on/off if I only have dd2 in the buggy 9as she is so light)

I too have found the material is fraying in places - i am not particularly precious/careful with it, but neither has it had hoards of elephants tap dancing all over it. I have been using it for 15 months now, though, so i guess not too bad.

It is not very warm/padded - you'll need decent cosytoes/lambskin/snowsuit as applicable. Even the main seat is quite drafty.

BUT, I still love it. imo, it is the best thing ever. It does have it's drawbacks, but nothing else beats it. dd1 still fits in (4, and tall/big for her age), and I can get a fair bit of shopping in the basket (although that is likely to get squashed these days if d2 is in stamping mood)

etchasketch Tue 23-Sep-08 18:47:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

etchasketch Tue 23-Sep-08 18:49:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

etchasketch Tue 23-Sep-08 18:50:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pgwithnumber3 Tue 23-Sep-08 19:16:57

Hmm, I think I may have been put off! It is either one of these of the Icandy Pear. I don't think a side by side is practical in the long run, DD2 will be in nursery in a year, I will be left with a pram that I can't use then.

With the Icandy Pear I could get an Icandy Apple for reasonable money off ebay - then get the Pear frame in January before the baby arrives. At least then I have the option of the full size seat for DD2 and the smaller seat or car seat for DD3 and it can be changed back to a decent single pram when needed. I know you can do this with the P&T but it doesn't look as comfy as the Icandy.

Someone please make my mind up for me, I am incapable of making a decision!

docket Tue 23-Sep-08 19:26:07

I do have a few issues with mine - the rain cover is rubbish and it is very bulky. That said, I experimented with a few before getting it and found P&T to be the best.

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