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Anyone with a JANE POWERTWIN please help

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lorisparkle Mon 22-Sep-08 20:38:02

I've got a phil and ted which I bought second hand and don't really like it but my DH says I can't sell it and buy a jane powertwin unless I am confident it is what I want so please help with some questions....

My DS1 (2yrs old) usually walks into the village and then goes in the pushchair on the way back. So is it easy to push the powertwin with one hand whilst controlling a lively two year old?

I occasionally have to put DS1 in the pushchair if he is being difficult. It is really hard to get him in the Phil and Ted and once in there he either kicks DS2 from behind or puts his feet on the wheel at the front to stop the pushchair if he is at the front. Would anything like this happen in the powertwin?

How big is the second seat in the powertwin? What is the max age range of the pushchair?

My other gripes about the phil and ted are that the seats seem so uncomfortable for a 5 month old and the facilities for changing bag / shopping bags are practically non existent. What is the powertwin like for these things?

I like the size of the phil and ted for moving around shops, what is the powertwin like?

Loads of questions but thanks to everyone who replies.... grin

feeble Tue 23-Sep-08 14:07:15

Hi I haven't got one but didn't get one because when I put my 2 year old in the front (she is quite tall) if her feet came off the footrest (inevitable IMHO) then her feet caught on the wheel when it turned round. I had a graco tandem for a while which was ok but quite heavy. Once I stopped using that my DD stood on the back of my 3 wheeler.
Hoping to Help

bigmouthstrikesagain Tue 23-Sep-08 14:19:27

I used a powertwin for about a year (20 month gap) ds was getting to heavy sitting at the front when I stopped using it but I would still get it out for occasional long walks. I didn't like the look of the P&T. I did find it useful though ds quickly out grew it as it was easy to manage (I usually locked the front wheel.

I could get into most shops - and it was possible once dd was 6 months to put ds in back and dd in front to distribute the weight better. As ds was still sleeping for an hour or so every day in the buggy for the first 7-8 months after dd was born it was worth having.

Technoprisoners Tue 23-Sep-08 14:29:30

I was considering the Powertwin but didn't buy because of the lack of foot space in the front for my 2 yr old. Bought the Twin Two instead - the seats are much bigger, baby goes in the back, nice deep footrest at the front for toddler, easy to push, and somehow works out actually lighter than the Powertwin. Really love it. The front easily has a lot of growth room in it for my DS who is now 2.9, so am hoping to get a lot of use out of it yet.

lorisparkle Tue 23-Sep-08 18:29:23

thanks everyone. i never really wanted a double as i could not find one i liked. any other help gratefully received.

mummyineedyounow Tue 23-Sep-08 18:40:12

I've had the powertwin for nearly 3.5 years. My 2 children go in it and weigh 2st 4lbs each.

Although the front seat isn't great for a sleeping toddler as the backrest isn't very high its fine for very occasional sleeps. I've never found the lack of foot space an issue. DC just put their feet on the footrest. Its very easy to push around and you could easily manage it with one hand if you only had a lightweight one in it. Shopping wise the basket isn't very big but as its quite sturdy you can put those hooks on the handle (John Lewis sell them)so that you can get plenty of shopping on. My only gripe would be that the raincover is bulky (although I guess they may have updated this). Its also quite heavy for lifting in and out of the car boot and it takes up all my boot (Peugeot 307). I would definitely recommmend it, my 2 children aged 3.4 and 4.10 (I know this is old for a pushchair, I'm sure she'll still want one when shes 7!)both are still fine in it!

claireybee Tue 23-Sep-08 18:53:12

I have the powertwin for dd 2.3 and ds 9months. I did find the front wheel a problem to begin with but dd soon learnt to keep her feet up on the footrest.

She can sleep in the front seat no problems but she is small for her age.

When I first got it I kept thinking it was going to tip but I got used to pushing it after a couple of outings. It is really easy to push and is ideal if you do a lot of walking, not so good to lift in and out of a car. I can push it one handed but am not very good at steering this way! I do sometimes crash it in shops but I think that is more my steering! The front wheel does stick out a bit in front so it takes a bit of getting used to before you know where the front of it is.

I hate the shopping basket, it is really small and difficult to get stuff in, eg the basket itself is big enough for a bag of shopping/my changing bag but the space to get it in is too small so you have to partly unpack the bag to fit it in the gap. You can hang stuff off the back but if the back seat is reclined fully it will be in your way iyswim.

yeahyeah Tue 23-Sep-08 18:57:46

Hi I have a powertwin, had twins...they are now 3 and we don't use it anymore, we moved out of london where I was using it every day, alhtough it was getting a bit heavy. It's not so easy to push with one hand...You might be best with the phil and teds...if it's only a short time you need the two seats...

seats are comfortable and big enough until they are about 3 I would say, but maybe getting a bit small...

not too much room for storage under, but better than phil and ted's of course, but only a little sling thing, I had a bag on the back...

Where are you? We have our old one, that is slowly going mouldy in the garage!

lorisparkle Wed 24-Sep-08 22:27:05

We are in the Cotswolds yeahyeah.

Egg Thu 25-Sep-08 13:22:24

I have a powertwin and have twins aged 8.5 months and DS1 aged 2.7. I vary who goes in it depending on where / how far we are going. DS1 likes the back seat best thankfully as it is way easier to push with heaviest in back but he fits fine in both, although hood is realistically too low for his head in front even though he likes it down and he hides under it.

Sometimes DS1 goes in pushchair and I carry DD (smaller twin) in sling and sometimes I put both twins in pushchair and DS1 walks.

Obviously if both twins are in pushchair then I have to control DS1 as well and I can push it easily while holding his hand(although thankfully lots of cycle paths and walkways round here so I only hold his hand if we are crossing roads etc normally). If you only had one child in powertwin whilst holding your DS1's hand then it would be even easier to push.

It's fab for going round shops. Tell your DH it has a great turning circle!

If you let your tyres go flat though (like mine are) it can get a lot harder to push. Likewise if you put the bigger child in the front it is harder to push, but perfectly doable even for me with a sling as well.

lorisparkle Fri 26-Sep-08 20:33:16

Thanks everyone. I wish I had gone for the jane powertwin now so my plan is to try it out in the shop and then hopefully sell the P&T for roughly what we bought it for and get a powertwin on ebay.

AnnasBananas Sat 27-Sep-08 16:10:08

HI Lori, I got rid of my Powertwin in favour of Phil and Teds Sport!! I found the Powertwin quite hard to push when the older child was in front and baby in back, the older one leaned out to one side or the other setting the Powertwin off-balance. I think the Powertwin would be easier once the younger child is able to sit up at the front but the footspace at the front is very limited.

I love the Phil & Teds, easier to use than Powertwin, but that's my experience! My DH was none too impressed when I said I wanted to sell the Powertwin after we'd only had it for six months...!

I have been able to go joging with the P&T fully loaded up I don't think the Powertwin would be stable enough for that.

EnchantedWithEdwardCullen Sat 27-Sep-08 16:15:12

Awww i have a jane powertwin Ive just sold to buy a phil and teds.

We could have swapped!

AnnasBananas Sat 27-Sep-08 16:32:43

Lori, meant to also say the Powertwin takes up a heck of a lot more boot space, it's a mother! Think really hard before getting rid of your P&T, I think no double buggy is perfect but after owning both I really think the P&T comes out on top.

And I'm a Jane fan as I still have my lovely Powertrack 360 in the garage to go back to when DD aged 4 is able to walk everywhere we want to go.

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