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autumn/winter index cat

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mumofelise Sat 26-Feb-05 18:24:29

can someone help. the old index catalogue has a hotpoint aquarias washing machine with a width of 59cm. can anyone tell me the code and the exact name of the machine. thanks

sparklymieow Sat 26-Feb-05 18:34:14

look it up on the Index site

mumofelise Sat 26-Feb-05 18:35:57

the site doesn't have it anymore. thanks though

sparklymieow Sat 26-Feb-05 18:36:13

Is this it??

mumofelise Sat 26-Feb-05 18:41:23

ni the width is 59cm. thanks again

sparklymieow Sat 26-Feb-05 18:41:53

I have the old cataloge in front of me and the only one that is 59cm wide is the Hotpoint First edition. Its white with a 1000rpm or 1200rpm. Its £259.99 or £269.99

sparklymieow Sat 26-Feb-05 18:42:20

is that the one??

Whizzz Sat 26-Feb-05 18:43:26

The 59 cm Hotpoint Aquarius is

PE1847 1000SPIN £259.99
PE3269 1200SPIN £269.99
There is also a 59.5cm wide one that comes in different spin speeds

Don;t know if its the same code in the new catalogue though

mumofelise Sat 26-Feb-05 18:43:36

yes that's it

sparklymieow Sat 26-Feb-05 18:46:20

PE 1847
PE 3269

mumofelise Sat 26-Feb-05 19:06:37

thanks for your help. i gave index a phone and although the width is 59 cm in the old cat and i can still order the machine, the width is now 59.5cm back to square one

Whizzz Sat 26-Feb-05 19:07:34

Has it grown wider in the last few weeks !!??

mumofelise Sat 26-Feb-05 19:08:59

so it would seem!

JanH Sat 26-Feb-05 19:14:45

I think if I were you I'd visit a huge Currys (or similar) store with a tape measure - I wouldn't trust a catalogue/internet listing to be dead accurate.

mumofelise Sat 26-Feb-05 19:47:14

thanks, i'll give it a try

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