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anyone seen (cheap) fleece sleepsuits for 2-3 and 4-5 year olds?

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mybabywakesupsinging Sun 21-Sep-08 23:17:35

as ds1 and 2 are expert duvet removers..I think we have got them before in Sainbury's but haven't seen them this year and definitley not in ds1 size
thanks anyone

UniversallyChallenged Sun 21-Sep-08 23:22:07

got mine on ebay last year about £3 each I think as scoured shops and couldnt find big enough ones for ds1

mybabywakesupsinging Mon 22-Sep-08 01:57:38

ta will keep an eye on ebay

pushchair Mon 22-Sep-08 08:53:05

I got two from vertbaudet. There is a promotional code and you get £15 off,free p&p and a toy cd player if you make on order for over £
Mine cost £7.00 after discount.

3girlies Mon 22-Sep-08 16:17:35

Primark do ages 2-3, and 3-4, not sure if they do bigger, though.

georgimama Mon 22-Sep-08 16:18:44

I got some for DS in Woolworths, £5 each, they had age 2-3 but not sure if went any older than that. He seems to really like them (he hates being covered by sheets).

mybabywakesupsinging Tue 23-Sep-08 00:46:27

Now vertbaudet looks good for ds1 - they have the massive ones and as you say not as expensive with the discount.
Looks like I should be able to get some for ds2 without too much trouble.
Embarassingly I had kind of vaguely heard of vertbaudet but didn't know how to spell it...

gigglewitch Tue 23-Sep-08 01:30:38

got some of ours in BHS and the others in mothercare (sale) <skinflint> grin
keep an eye on offer/voucher codes on t'internet esp for mothercare.

Last yr also got Boots ones on the "buy one get 1 half price" offer, for 4yo ds2.
<huge, still going to be using them when he's about 9>

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