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Playmobil train -anybody's dc got one?

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MilaMae Fri 19-Sep-08 20:16:15

Ds loves his wooden stuff, is fawning over the picture of the Playmobil one in the catalogue. Considering it for bday & Xmas yes/no???

littlelambmakesfour Sat 20-Sep-08 18:13:26

My ds (3) has one and adores it. In fact it was a joint present about 10 years ago from my mil to my first three (all girls (pc parent emoticon)). He has been playing with it for more than a year though he needs a bit of help to put it on the track. The build in battery died last week and I rang playmobil more in hope than expectation. Lo and behold they have a new style case to put your own rechargeable batteries in for sale, costing a fiver. Three cheers for recognising that some toys last. A yes from us!

MilaMae Tue 23-Sep-08 10:06:24

Thanks Littlelamb that's good to know,my ds will be 5 but is train mad so think we should get plenty of milage out of it.Am hoping it doesn't make his wooden stuff redundant, I'm not quite ready to move on!!!!!!!!

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