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pushchairs for newborn - which one?

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vickyb69 Fri 19-Sep-08 16:09:07

I feel a bit lost!!! There are too many choices in the pushcahir/travel system market!! I have a small car so this seems to be limiting my options anyway. Here are a few which have been recommended/I have seen on websites - anyone usd a Recaro Young Travel Systsem or an Out N About Nipper? Or the Hauck Shopper 7 Travel System seems to be a great deal at £130 - anyone actually used one!?! What do people recommend - I need something small enough for my boot, easy to manouevre, not bothered too much abuot off roading but would be nice extra. Do I want something where the baby is facing me or do people feel it is not that important? Budget - for car seat and pushchair about £250

mylittlemonsters Fri 19-Sep-08 20:29:41

If you are tight on budget then I'd go for a maclarens from birth model, the XT (downside is it is not compatible with a car seat). You will use it forever and they are really good and everyone I know has ended up buying one after they spent a wedge on the first pram.

They now do an Maclarens Techno XLR which is compatible with a car seat, but of course it us more expensive.

I did buy a really big baby pram for number one and felt virtuous that baby faced me but tbh she just slept all the time hmm and I have hardly used it for the second. If I want some face to face contact I carry the baby in a baby carrier.

I wouldn't worry about a travel system. personally I'd get a really safe car seat and a pram that I won't be replacing when the baby reaches sitting up stage.

The Quinny Zapp is good too. It is ultra small and you can fit a maxi cosi car seat on the frame (facing you). The downside is that you can't load it up with shopping.

see here for Zapp this page

see here for Maclarens

this page

jumperoo Sat 20-Sep-08 23:08:46

I would recommend the silver cross pop if you ared looking for a lightweight stroller

nicolamumof3 Sun 21-Sep-08 06:58:05

if you do decide on a maclaren then they are 20% off at boots with double points.Or there is an ebay selling doing xlr's with car seat for bin £99.99!! Bargain.

the luna is a nice compact fold and lovely to push and you can add on a carrycoat or use with a primo viaggio to form a travel system. I would have loved a reversible pushchair. the hauck infinities are a great price see but im not sure how compact they fold.

3girlies Sun 21-Sep-08 13:52:40

On Ebay there is a trader selling the Chicco Trekker travel system for under £60 posted, this is such a good deal, they are so sturdy and last forever. Carry lots of shopping too.
Umbrella fold for a smaller boot.
Worth a look, I would buy it if I had the choice, I had one for my last daughter and it was fab.

nappyaddict Wed 01-Oct-08 22:25:55

the problem with a lot of pushchairs is they are only from birth with a carrycot but most babies outgrow the carrycot before 6 months.

examples are the xplory, nipabout, buzz, hauck infinity, city elite, icandy cherry, bugaboo (not the bee), fisher price voyager, britax vigour, loola, streety, bebe confort opera, baby jogger city mini etc

I like to have one big pushchair for walking and a smaller one for the car. The big ones i like are: traxx ecuador, mutsy, mamas and papas skate, urban detour quantum, maxi cosi mura, gesslein f2, gesslein future, gesslein vision s, mia moda allegria

The small ones i like are: the petite star whirl, petite star dot, luna (both sorts), mothercare vesta, bugaboo bee and jane carrera cup.

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