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I am gutted, need pushchair help, calling the experts!

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CarGirl Fri 19-Sep-08 13:46:37

I finally bought I bugaboo cam, I am gutted it is so much harder to steer than the frog. I have tried the frog seat on the cam chasses and that is fine so the cam seat seems to be the problem.

What do I do, keep 2 so I can have the combination I like best (wanted cam to have adjustable handle for dh).

Plus dds head is slowly creeping way over the top of the frog seat uni sad

I am absolutely gutted.

Can anyone remember the name of the shop in London that stocks and sells bugaboo spares? Anyone know how much a chassis costs new?

The frog is red, I want a black one sad

Dh is going to go mental I have to bugaboos in pieces all over the house ho hum.......

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