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your recomendations for a moisturiser/miracle cream!!

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colette Fri 25-Feb-05 16:00:23

I am fed up buying face creams with wonderful claims to find out that they are:
a) not making any difference to the appearance of my skin .
b)quite often after a few days use start to sting when applied.
I am on a bit of a budget as well but if you think it is amazing I will consider it.
My skin is normal/dry and has fine lines
Thanks and looking forward to your replies so I can make a dash to boots soon.

DillyDally Fri 25-Feb-05 16:02:15

What have you tried?

Easy Fri 25-Feb-05 16:04:50

Sorry it's expensive, but I love Estee lauder Triple Creme.

Use 3 times a week or more, as a night cream. They say put loads on, then tissue it off. I say at 35 quid a pot, I put a bit less on, then it all seeps in !!!

If you go and sweet-talk the estee lauder consultant, they should be able to give you a small sample.

MancMum Fri 25-Feb-05 16:05:11

'amazing' -- I think creme de la mer -- but it is a budget blower... I do rate all the Eve Lom ones -- they are about 20-25 quid...

colette Fri 25-Feb-05 16:05:55

M&s own make anti ageing, Boots no 7 ,l'oreal(can't remember what it was called) Garnier, quite a while ago bodyshop various products

prunegirl Fri 25-Feb-05 16:06:09

Message withdrawn

Gwenick Fri 25-Feb-05 16:08:51

Have you tried the Avon 'anew' range - you can buy them on their websiete if you don't have a rep.

colette Fri 25-Feb-05 16:09:18

Thanks for your replies I know I may have to end up paying more than I intended. I just would rather hear real life recommendations iykwim and see if there is one that really stands out

Peckarollover Fri 25-Feb-05 16:11:27

I love Elemis stuff

colette Fri 25-Feb-05 16:14:40

Prunegirl(love the name) I would like an anti ageing but am not sure if it is just a big con so am interested in your recommendation for aveeda.
Gwenick , thanks look at the website.
Easy I think gathering a few samples is a great idea.
I better go and cook tea but keep your replies coming in. It helps me to be optimistic that I will not have to wait until I can afford botox to stop being horrified when I look in the mirror.

prunegirl Fri 25-Feb-05 16:17:06

Message withdrawn

BubblesDeVere Fri 25-Feb-05 16:17:06

Colette, I'm a recent convert to Elizabeth Arden Face Cream, or MD formulations moisturiser. Elizabeth is fantastic, though very thick. I noticed a difference within 2 nights and have now stockpiled it so I won't run out. I have also starting using the Elizabeth Arden facial wash in the morning and evening and noticed an even bigger improvement. HTH

BubblesDeVere Fri 25-Feb-05 16:17:38

BUT saying that, alot of people are turning to the ANEW range in Avon.

miffy2 Fri 25-Feb-05 16:18:01

I also have skin that stings when I use creams that are harsh (esp around the nose and hairline).

I swear by Clinique. In particular I use Moisture Online and Moisture Surge. Estee Lauder Verite range is made for really sensitive skin and worked well on my skin too.
You can get both brands online at at quite low prices.

lou33 Fri 25-Feb-05 16:28:09

cheap and cheerful nivea for me. I have v dry skin, and it's the only thing that works, knocks spots off the more expensive stuff imo

babster Fri 25-Feb-05 16:28:28

My mother (was she trying to tell me something?) bought me some Skin Wisdom night cream from Tesco for Christmas - formulated by Bharti Vyas. I really like it - it doesn't give me spots (!) and the lines around my eyes seem shallower. Lasts ages too.

StealthMouse Fri 25-Feb-05 16:36:02

I have to say I love Clarins Hydra-Zen de-stressing moisturiser

It's bit pricey at 30-something quid but you only need a small amount and you can wear it under make-up. I have normal skin but I'm the sesative sort and also suffer from blocked pores so don't like to wear anything too heavy iykwim. Anyway after trying brand after brand I absolutely love this. (can you tell )

CountessDracula Fri 25-Feb-05 16:37:08

Clarins beauty flash balm


Chuffed Fri 25-Feb-05 16:47:45

miffy I just used strawberrynet and got charged vat when it got into the UK so it actually made things more expensive than here.
I love the lightsource Estee Lauder but they have sadly discontinued which is why I had to get it from strawberrynet as they still had some in stock.

turquoise Fri 25-Feb-05 16:50:33

My mum raves about the Tesco Bharti Vyas stuff too. I've recently got Neutrogena Visibly Firm night cream and it's good. Also like the Guarnier Stop range and the other one with cherry or something in.

docket Fri 25-Feb-05 16:54:19

neals yard frankincense cream is fab at about a tenner a pot

Furball Fri 25-Feb-05 17:07:47

I'm a Dermalogica convert. Their active moist is the best ever. Very light and soaks straight in, no greasiness. Sorry about you budget though it's £20 for a tube. Last for months though. I get people to buy it for christmas, birthdays etc. (how about mothers day?)

noddyholder Fri 25-Feb-05 17:34:17

liz earle is great you can really see the change in your skin and its fairly cheap too and smells delicious

pixiefish Fri 25-Feb-05 17:34:43

I have very dry skin on my arms and back and the doctor gave dd some doublebase as an emollient for her eczema the other day. Slapped some on my back after my bath and after about 4 days my back was lovely. Very moisturising and soaks in well leaving no reisdue

kama Fri 25-Feb-05 17:40:09

Message withdrawn

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