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Help me to find a trike with removable parent handle that doesn't make a racket as you push it along

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Reginaphilangy Thu 18-Sep-08 23:50:04

Ok, so it doesn't have to have air tyres but i can't bear the awful racketty sound that trikes make, so it must be cushioned in some way.

Also, would like:
It to be suitable from around 18 months-ish
It to have a lockable steering wheel (so that you actually get to where you want to go)
To be able to push with two hands, so preferably not a single metal pole (if that makes sense)
To be preferably in lovely bright colours.

Am i dreaming? Does this exist?

Help ...

fatzak Fri 19-Sep-08 08:55:59

Have you looked at the Puky range? Got one for DS last Christmas and it's fab!

Reginaphilangy Fri 19-Sep-08 17:34:41

Never heard of the Puky range fatzak? Where would i be able to look at those?

CoolYourJets Fri 19-Sep-08 17:35:52

add ability to steer with the parent pole to your list.

Reginaphilangy Fri 19-Sep-08 17:39:14

I meant that with the lockable steering wheel bit CYJ.

My dd1 had one that you couldn't lock and OMG - we never got anywhere! Got fed up of running into people walls all the time, and having to lift it onto its back wheels to turn a corner ...a total PITA!

fatzak Sat 20-Sep-08 14:40:20

might help find somewhere??

Lindax Sat 20-Sep-08 14:51:20

we bought this when ds was younger. you can lock steering and let pedals free wheel. has rubber wheels so a bit quieter. bag handy for going to shops.

bit expensive but was quite good.

savoycabbage Sat 20-Sep-08 14:53:13

We have got this one & games/Classic-Metal-Trike/10000000661 from GLTC

It's got rubbery wheels which is why we chose it.

fatzak Sat 20-Sep-08 15:48:46

this is the one we got for DS when he was 2.4

Reginaphilangy Sat 20-Sep-08 22:11:28

fatzak - i love the puky ones you linked to ...they look fab! The £70 one with the little blue bucket on the back says that you can control the direction of the tricycle when you are pushing it with the guide pole, can you do that with the second, less expensive one, that you linked to?

lindax - that one looks lovely but according to 'compare the market' there is no-where that sells in on-line at the moment (??)

savoycabbage - sorry, i can't get your link to work?

fatzak Sun 21-Sep-08 07:48:20

Erm, not sure blush I think so I'll go out with it and DS today and I'll let you know!!

twentypence Sun 21-Sep-08 08:11:04

A Triang one has rubber tyres and so doesn't make a noise and comes in bright colours. Unfortunately it's more suitable for a 2.5 year old, has a single pole handle, you can't steer it and it is probably only available in NZ.

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