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Flippin' leaky Clark's shoes!

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mogwai Thu 18-Sep-08 23:49:58

Bought some Clarks' shoes (for myself) a few months ago. I've worn them a few times but never really in the rain. Probably worn them ten times in total. They are a full shoe with laces.

About three weeks ago I went out to Marks and Spencer in the rain and between leaving the car and arriving in the shop my feet were absolutely soaked.

I'd have taken them back to the shop but we were about to go on holiday and I didn't have time. I also had to take them on holiday as didn't really have another suitable pair. Of course, the same happened again when it rained.

I've worked out the problem lies with some stitching on the top. Had to clean the stitching with a baby wipe on holiday and my toes got wet just from that.

Should I take them back? They are obviously worn but have obviously never been waterproof and this isn't right.

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