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Does anyone have the Stokke nursery furniture range, or King Parrot??

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NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Thu 18-Sep-08 14:13:25

Starting to go round in circles now...

Is the Stokke range as versatile as it says? Is it worth the money?

Is the King Parrot stuff worth it?


midnightexpress Thu 18-Sep-08 14:16:09

We have a King Parrot cotbed for DS2 and it's lovely. My gripe with it is that the mattress that we were sold to go with it (which is a different size from the standard cotbed mattresses in Mothercare etc) is so tight against the sides that the drop side doesn't work when it's in - not so annoying for a tiny baby but really annoying for a hulking toddler.

cmotdibbler Thu 18-Sep-08 14:17:25

We have the Stokke cot and changer. It is beautiful, practical, and we are just about to take the side off the cot to make it into a toddler bed, having been through the minicot stage before. We really like it

AmIWhatAndWhy Thu 18-Sep-08 14:19:55

The Stokke cot certainly seems worth the money, my friend has one and it's brilliant.

But personally my DC spent so little time in their cots I was happy to have a cheapo one and then spend the money on gorgeous single beds now they are ready for them (and will last til their early teens)

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Thu 18-Sep-08 14:21:09

So that is one point for each (we don't use the drop side on DS2's cot at all, so it wouldn't bother us having one that didn't work!)

Someone make the choice for me please!

myfanjdoesnotsmell Thu 18-Sep-08 14:22:05

I had the Stokke cots for both of mine. they now have them as chairs.

It's very pretty. If I had another I'd go for a a lovely big cot bed.

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Thu 18-Sep-08 14:22:28

Sorry x posts AmI.

It is only a small room so am happy to let him use the cot bed for as long as possible to save space.

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Thu 18-Sep-08 14:23:44

Smellyfanjo (wink) did you find it hard to get bedding to fit properly? I don't really like any of the Stokke bedding so want to use a different range, that is square, is it a PITA?

AmIWhatAndWhy Thu 18-Sep-08 14:26:36

My friend uses normal square bedding with those little clips you can buy (that go under the mattress)

Tbh I think a good solid square cot bed would be better for you, it's an odd shape and more of a pita.

myfanjdoesnotsmell Thu 18-Sep-08 14:27:09

No we were bought lots of Mothercare and Ikea bedding which fit fine.

georgiemum Thu 18-Sep-08 14:30:15

Stokke cot is cool. Starts out teeny-tiny (on wheels so easy to move around) then expands (need to buy the cotbed extension - about £130) to a toddler bed (good storage underneath too). The bed then converts into 2 little chairs. Also is quite pretty I love this!

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Thu 18-Sep-08 14:31:07

Well you lot aren't much help are you? wink I wanted someone to say 'you want this one' then it is taken out of my hands and I might, might, just get some sleep tonight...

georgiemum Thu 18-Sep-08 14:38:13

Go and buy a Stokke. NOW.

Are you still here? I SAID GO!!!!!! scary mummy faceangry

cmotdibbler Thu 18-Sep-08 14:57:22

Buy Stokke ! From BackinAction !

We only bought Stokke fitted sheets - nothing else special in the way of bedding

georgiemum Thu 18-Sep-08 15:04:17

I am too mean to buy the Stokke sheets, so just used ordinary sheets and blankets.

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Thu 18-Sep-08 15:23:03

Sorry had to go and get DS1 from school <worried about Georgiemum's wrinkles forming>

Stokke seems to be tipping the scales...

Is BackinAction a shop?

cmotdibbler Thu 18-Sep-08 15:31:32

Yes - they are the main UK stockist for Stokke and will price match if you can find anywhere cheaper. Their service is really excellent - when we had our stuff delivered the driver dropped the box. BiA delivered a whole new cot the next day and collected the old one, and in the evening so we didn't have to wait in again.

missblythe Thu 18-Sep-08 15:34:33

Stokke is LOVELY, though it does seem to take up a lot of room.

We just use normal Mothercare fitted sheets on ours

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Thu 18-Sep-08 15:36:54

Good point actually MissBlythe, had better check the dimensions before I get too into it, hadn't I?

Will keep BackinAction in mind, thanks

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Thu 18-Sep-08 15:58:13

Argghhhhhhhhh it's not going to fit <wailllllllll>

georgiemum Thu 18-Sep-08 16:00:13

Oh the wrinkles are deeply etched already. My sister calls them 'grump lines'

Not going to fit where? It does come flat pack you know.

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Thu 18-Sep-08 16:11:05

Yeah, it's not going to fit in the room, I already have one of those glider chair and stool things, the radiator is in a really silly place and stops certain things going there, and it is only a small room.

Grump lines are nothing, it is grump canels you have to watch out for <covers all mirrors in house>

georgiemum Thu 18-Sep-08 16:14:23

hee hee. Move the chair. DS room is teeny but I managed to crowbar it in

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Thu 18-Sep-08 16:20:14

No it won't go, the cot has to go where DS2's is now (because of winow/door/radiator) the chair has to go on the other side of the room because it won't fit anywhere else, which leave me with enough room to get one of the Keep units in but not the other one... and no where for the changing unit.

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