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Changing to an estate car - any recommendations?

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weeboagie Fri 25-Feb-05 08:46:41

We are shortly due to change DH's company car as we now have DD (6 months) plus a labrador we want to change from a saloon to an estate. We are limited by the options on his company car list - can anyone give us their thoughts on the following?

Peugot 407 estate 2.0 Delux
(I'm sure I've spelt that wrong)

Ford Focus 2.0 estate Titanium

Ford Focus C-Max

Many thanks

NomDePlume Fri 25-Feb-05 08:54:47

I've got a Focus hatchback and it's great for interior space, equipment and looks pretty inside too. The drive is fab. I think the Focus is a great all-rounder. I'm pretty sure that there are a cpl of MNers with the CMax...

I looked at an estate when I bought my car, but decided that the additional boot space was not really necessary, especially given that DH has an estate car too. I was going to suggest his car (a Merc C-Class diesel estate), but I can see that it's outside of the budget.

NomDePlume Fri 25-Feb-05 09:02:49

Honest John is supposed to be a good reference point.

NomDePlume Fri 25-Feb-05 09:15:47

Honest John

NomDePlume Fri 25-Feb-05 09:20:06

Parkers are also helpful

ladymuck Fri 25-Feb-05 09:23:18

I'm onthe short size and I found the Peugot uncomfotable to drive. If those are the 3 that you're limited to then I suggest that you both test-drive each as that may help you decide. Rear parking sensors are worth paying the extra for!

Boot is wonderful - can chuck in anything.

weeboagie Fri 25-Feb-05 21:45:14

Many thanks - anyone else out there able to help?

frogs Fri 25-Feb-05 21:57:00

Peach or Lemon

phatcat Fri 25-Feb-05 22:19:12

I can't comment on the 407 but I've got a 406 estate 2.0 executive (1997) and it's fantastic - bought it at 80k on the clock and it's now at 130k 4 years later and nothing major has ever gone wrong. I just get the recommended service every 6k or so. I've only ever had old bangers before, this is my first proper car. Things I like - plenty of acceleration, superb instant heating/demisting and a/c, electric windows, power steering, saveable seat & mirror settings for different drivers, infinitely and easily adjustable seat position (I'm short and never have a problem), leather seats, loads of carrying space, overall quality feel, roofbars. I've got the petrol version and get about 350-400 miles out of a £40 tank full. Not bad but I would have preferred the diesel HDI version. I'll definitely consider upgrading to another Peugeot estate when the time comes to change it. HTH

JanH Fri 25-Feb-05 22:24:07

DH's last company car (just gone) was a 406 estate - 2.0 DTi engine. Very smooth and quiet, but very soft French ride (made DS2 carsick and he never was before) and had infuriating sort-of draughts in front passenger seat - from the ventilation apparently - which could not be diverted or switched off.

With 1 child + Lab I think I would get the Focus estate (we had a Focus estate hire car and it was great). Focus hatchback has huge boot but not good for Lab!

JanH Fri 25-Feb-05 22:27:24

Oh, having read phatcat's, maybe ours was HDi, not DTi. (2001 model). Still wouldn't want another. Very low headroom too, with sunroof - you could have AC + sunroof, or neither, which seemed pretty stupid to me.

HUGE boot though.

Evesmama Fri 25-Feb-05 22:29:29

we have peogeot 206 sw(sporty estate) and is wonderful! although not as big as most estates?, would recomend peogeot though

MancMum Fri 25-Feb-05 22:32:37

we have a focus and it is fab -- done 70000 miles over 4 years and it has been great ... boot not huge but big enough for camping holiday... and is very easy to manourvre

phatcat Fri 25-Feb-05 22:33:05

true about the headroom JanH - I once gelled my hair up (ahem) and I was brushing the ceiling!

milge Fri 25-Feb-05 22:46:32

I'd go for the Focus estate. My parents had a Peugoet, and i drove it quite a bit, enough for me to decide not to get one. i had a focus diesel as a company car before i packed up work after mat. leave, and was all geared up to get a focus estate as a replacement ( had twins so neeeded more boot space) when dh came over all european and bought a german estate car. When( not if) it dies, will happily get a focus estate. Found them a great drive, really responsive in diesel, and good boot space in estate.

Vornsta Fri 25-Feb-05 22:50:16

we have a ford focus estate and it is fab - but they have just changed it so don't know about new one. C Max gets highest NCAP safety ratings so I think I would go for one of these next time I change my car -hopefully not for ages!

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