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Car to fit 2 x 4yo and baby

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Neeerly3 Tue 16-Sep-08 16:30:49

Hi all, I have asked this question in various guises before, but here goes, straight to the point.

We have twin boys who will be 4 when baby born in feb, so they will be in Hi-Back boosters, baby obviously in rear facer.

Does a 5 seat car exist that will fit 3 x car seats across back row?

We can probably afford £2k maybe £2.5k, so we know we are looking at old models. We are open to the idea of a 7 seater, but again in that price range.

So all knowledgable MNers, where do we start?

stretchmarkqueen Tue 16-Sep-08 16:43:24

We have a Vectra 05, that just about squeezes in 3 kids!! 1 booster seat, 1 high back seat, and 1 rear-facing which has the thing to clip the seat into???IYSWIM!! grin

bronze Tue 16-Sep-08 16:45:39

I've managed to fit my three into all the cars I've tried. Two in booster one as baby.

Trying to think of friends car we've done it with
seat leon
oldstyle peugeot 306
estate audi

basically anything and everything though I wouldn't suggest an oldstyle mini

sazm Tue 16-Sep-08 17:07:39

it depends a lot on the actual seats as well as the car.
a people carrier would be more practical if you dont mind driving one.
i have an mgzr which is quite small and i can just fit in 2 britax hi-liners with a maxicosi cabrio in the middle.
i will only need to have the 3 seats in the back occasionally, i wouldnt like to have to have the 3 seats in there too often as it is a squeeze to get the belts done up.

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