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Cleaning crumbs from leather sofa seams?

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Jbck Thu 24-Feb-05 15:48:49

My sofas have ridge like seams all round the cushion & arm edges & I'm at a loss trying to get all the crumbs & fluff out of them. Here they are if you can see the bits in the picture Sofaworkshop I've tried hoovering, little brushes, pointy sticks much to DH's dismay but I can't seem to get them really clean, any ideas? I know there are some worse obsessives than me here who'll have gadgets that I haven't thought of
PS woohoo my link works!

MrsBigD Thu 24-Feb-05 16:21:25

try compressed air You can get it at PC World and the like. It comes in a can with a nozzle and I usually use it to clean my keyboard, but should work for you too

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