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Anyone bought a sofa from Are they any good?

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mootie Mon 15-Sep-08 18:25:24

Have an ikea sofa that I hate, and thinking about giving it away and spending money I shouldn't be spending on a new one. I like a couple from but don't know anyone who has bought anything from them.

bettybeetroot Mon 15-Sep-08 20:43:42

We have 2 Jackson sofa's - have only had them for a few months. so far really impressed - delivery was less than 2 weeks and they are really comfy - mostly feathers in the cushions but sponge in the middle to keep shape. We chose a fabric that can be machine washed as the whole sofa is loose covers and it was important for us with the dc's. I have already washed one set once as ds knocked coffee all over one of them and they washed really well - no shrinkage. If you do go ahead and order make sure you get a few swatches so you are sure about the fabric. We chose taupe in brushed linen and it is lovely and soft!

cheekysealion Mon 15-Sep-08 20:46:13

i have and it is great
I went and looked in the showroom first

mootie Tue 16-Sep-08 14:25:25

thanks, that's great. do the seat cushions slip forward easily? This is my pet hate, I feel like I am constantly shoving them back, and it always looks so sloppy.

bettybeetroot Tue 16-Sep-08 19:36:25

no, they don't slip - the seat cushions are quite heavy and underneath the cushions it is the same fabric all over iyswim - not cheaper shiny stuff that some budget sofa's have.

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