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Should I sell my georgeous pink Quinny Buzz travel system and buy a reclining Maclaren buggy?

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Kelix Mon 15-Sep-08 16:44:28

Because DP wont let me keep both and I would quite like a Maclaren as my DD often goes in her big cousins and loves it!

But Im not sure Im ready to let go of my Buzz (not least because it cost almost £700!!)


Katisha Mon 15-Sep-08 16:47:40

Blimey - keep the one you've got!

carrielou2007 Mon 15-Sep-08 20:40:10

Keep the buzz if you do a lot of walking and buy a cheapo buggy for holidays, sling in the back of the car etc. That is very expensive for a buzz, how come it was that much?? If you drive everywhere they are a real pain so a quick umbrella fold will just be sooooooooo easy.

I'm not a maclaren fan, cheap, rattley but most people love them and so much easier than your buzz (hated mine, sold it and bought what should have bought in first place a bugaboo!!) You will prob really notice the difference in quality though but hey, they are so cheap you can't really knock it and they do last for years!!

Kelix Mon 15-Sep-08 21:15:40

bought everything with the Buzz - carrycot carseat, base and all accesories I do love it but know what you mean about car journeys although the carseat fitting on the base has been an absolute lifesaver!!

still undecided - thanks for opinions tho

joynovemberjoy Tue 16-Sep-08 11:11:28

I love the Buzz too and don't want to part with it either. If you do decide to though I'd recommend the Mamas and papas Pulse. I bought a Mac Quest and would agree with Carrielou - they aren't great.

Kelix Tue 16-Sep-08 19:40:56

Thanks for advice joynovemberjoy will have a look for the M&P one online now

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