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Looking for a used car that can fit 2 car seats and an adult in the back, please come and help me because I am fed up with trying to decide

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kbaby Sun 14-Sep-08 22:03:51


I have a scenic megane at the moment but its 6yrs old and clapping out. I cant decide between getting another MPV or a car. Please can someone help me choose. Heres my pros and cons so far;

mpv- pros, I know it will fit 3 at the back and its spacious. Its a high driving position.
Cons, possibly a bit too big now I dont need a buggy in the boot, expensive so I can only get a 3yr old car with my budget.

Car- pro, I can get a year old car in my budget, smaller to drive, do I really need that 3rd back seat in a mpv.
cons- what if I buy one and its too small, dont even know which one to buy.

So far in my budget the ones I like are;
mpv- zafira, meriva,mazda 5, toyota verso, cmax
car- seat toledo(cant afford the altao) mazda 3, focus, renault megane.

If anyone has one of the cars can you fit 3 in the back? and can anyone give me recommendations please

Ready4anotherCoffee Mon 15-Sep-08 02:47:48

I don't know if this is any help, but we found we couldn't fit 2 car seats and a slim(ish) adult on the back seat of dh's mondeo. we now have an mpv. Are you able to go to a used car dealers and try the seats out?

Pawslikepaddington Mon 15-Sep-08 06:17:24

Our friends have a BMW 3 series and a Nissan big one with the Sat Nav in the front (don't know what model it is!) and I'm a size 8/10 and can only just fit in sideways with 2 car seats in and it HURTS! If it is going to be a regular thing get an MPV, as now I have my own car I refuse to be eco and jump in with them as it is just too uncomfortable, even for short trips.

Yorkiegirl Mon 15-Sep-08 07:24:15

Message withdrawn

herbietea Mon 15-Sep-08 07:28:36

Message withdrawn

lou031205 Mon 15-Sep-08 08:44:26

Mondeo is fine, with a side child seat and a middle one. We have a fisher-price car seat (9-18 kg) that fits in the middle lap strap, but made by Britax, which leaves one side seat for an adult.

joynovemberjoy Mon 15-Sep-08 15:17:16

I love our Touran which I don't think has had a mention. Very reliable and feel really sturdy to drive. Just travelled 6 hours in it with me in the middle back seat between 2 car seats. I have an average sized backside but still felt very comfy!

It also has 2 seats in the boot like some of the others do. We've had it as a company car for 3 years and are about to buy it from the leasing company.

yomellamoHelly Mon 15-Sep-08 15:21:57

You missed the Mondeo off your list. It's 3 inches wider (apparently) than a Focus and the price difference to a Focus isn't that great and you can fit 2 car seats and a not overly large adult in the back. Also last Spetember they brought out a newer model so (certainly last Christmas) there are bargains to be had. Good luck with your search.

RambleOn Mon 15-Sep-08 15:31:01

I like my Zafira smile

Don't understand what you mean about the back seat not coming out. It folds flat in one easy movement.

I can easily fit two car seats and an adult on the back seat, and still have loads of boot space.

Or the second row of seats come up and turn it into a 7 seater, still with the boot space of an average car.

imo, it's a lot more cost effective to buy a car that's 3yrs old. One that is somewhere between new and 3yrs old still has a lot of depreciating to do.

EachPeachPearMum Mon 15-Sep-08 16:57:16

Here is my thread run a few weeks ago- some more suggestions.

I think we are likely to go for a Xsara Picasso, despite my misgivings regarding French cars!

3girlies Mon 15-Sep-08 22:17:12

Have you looked at the Fiat Doblo?
They are cheap by comparison, spacious, great to drive, mine has 135,000 miles on and still really reliable. Cheap insurance too.
We fitted 3 full size car seats in the back, so should be OK for you spacewise too. Very large boot, great for holidays.

FourArms Tue 16-Sep-08 09:36:05

We can get two carseats and an adult in the back of our Renault Laguna. We have the Sports Tourer (estate) version.

kbaby Fri 19-Sep-08 22:55:45

ok, ive now decided on a mpv but which god knows.

I hadnt thought of the picasso mainly because it looked too much like my scenic and I fancied a change of look iyswim.
May have to have another look at it now though.

I though buying a new car was meant to be fun. I am fed up of looking at review sites/autotrader/what car etc.

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