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Bugabo Frog pushchair

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Evs09 Wed 23-Feb-05 17:53:22

Im looking ideally for a second hand bugaboo pushchair but if I cant get one used does anyone know where I can buy just the pushchair without the carrycot. They are usually sold as a carrycot + pushchair package at £500 but my babes is now 6 months and so I would not use the carrycot/pram

leahbump Wed 23-Feb-05 17:54:52

only place to get without carrycot is america..via the web and then you pay through the nose for the postage!

ebay is your best bet...but even second hand you can expect to pay at least £400 as they are highly sought after.

Evs09 Wed 23-Feb-05 17:59:50

Thanks leah.Wow what price. Can anyone tell me if these pushchairs are as good as the mags say before I spend that sort of money????

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