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Figures to go with a wooden castle?

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Twirl Thu 11-Sep-08 19:28:50

I have bought my kids a wooden castle and I am looking for suggestions for princess/knights etc figures to go with it.
What do your kids have? Do you think posable figures are better? So far I have only looked at the melissa and doug pack of wooden figures which I think look pretty dull. I really want the figures to capture their imaginations and make them want to play with them. DD is into fantasy/princess/fairytales and DS knights (or anything his sister lets hime play with, lol). Any recommendations? Thanks

bythepowerofgreyskull Thu 11-Sep-08 23:53:15

we have got loads of knoghts and dragons from the ELC they are great smile

Clary Fri 12-Sep-08 00:08:38

Papo knights are fab, mine love them and play with them endlessly.
these and they do a range of fantasy figures too (fairies etc).

Not cheap but really nice detail and (relativley) indestrucible.

Or there's always Playmobil which we also love.

Twirl Sat 13-Sep-08 00:01:02

Thanks for your help, those Papo ones look fab, DD will love the detail! I'll check the ELC ones out too. Thanks!

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