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can anyone identify this pushchair?

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Maveta Thu 11-Sep-08 10:01:44

it says 'Nurse' on it but is not the Jane nurse trio, it is just a pram. A bulky one that folds down flat, not an umbrella one, but the seat doesn't turn around nor does it adapt to take a car seat or anything fancy.

SIL just gave it to us as a second buggy as she doesn't use it, I really like it and now I've gone and broken it so it doesn't fold down!! It is fixed into position so we can still use it for walks or on the train but nothing that requires it fold down. She says it was really cheap (she doesn't want it so isn't bothered that I broke it but I am!) but I can't find it anywhere... any ideas??

So annoyed!! angry

PillockOfTheCommunity Thu 11-Sep-08 12:44:01

erm, no grin
Is it some obscure Spanish brand maybe?

Maveta Thu 11-Sep-08 14:05:54

oh probably! I see them everywhere over here but can't find a webpage for them anywhere. A bit of a google search determined that they are a subsidiary of Jane but operate separately and don't have a webpage! hmm oddness.

oh well. if you don't know I am well and truly stuffed grin

AnAngelWithin Thu 11-Sep-08 14:07:26

can you put a pic on your profile of it?

Maveta Thu 11-Sep-08 14:16:05

Yeah that might help, i'll try and sort it out when I get home from work tonight..

ChopsTheDuck Thu 11-Sep-08 14:17:59

cheapy european make. I have two of them that we bought from carrefour in Spain. I don't thinkt hey sell them here.

Lucewheel Thu 11-Sep-08 14:23:40

Was it the nurse dakar Maveta?

nurse dakar

ChopsTheDuck Thu 11-Sep-08 14:32:22

Ive uploaded a pic of my boys in theirs. Is that what you are looking for?

Maveta Thu 11-Sep-08 14:58:51

ooh yes that looks like it - I've been thinking big stores, I'll try carrefour - thanks!

Hi Luce! smile no I think it's the 'junior' though this might be an old model now.. I found but annoyingly enough it shows models and NO contact details.

Now I'm more intrigued by the fact that you can't seem to find any online sellers of the make vs actually purchasing one! lol must be REALLY cheap grin

ChopsTheDuck Thu 11-Sep-08 16:00:54

I think mine were on sale and then came up even lower at the checkout I only paid about 30 euros each for them. grin

I'm guessing you aren't in the UK if you are going to look in carrefour? I'm actually binning oours this weekend, you could have one though I'm not sure if I still have the hood or bumper bar.

AnAngelWithin Thu 11-Sep-08 16:22:42

they look the same as the jane carrera?

jumperoo Sat 20-Sep-08 23:20:03

Have you had any joy locating this? My frind has one that she bought in spain but managed to buy another one through an independent baby shop her in Belfast. If you happen to be in the UK, maybe an independent retailer where you are might just do it?

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