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I just bought a new car....

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PavlovtheCat Wed 10-Sep-08 20:39:49

A Landrover Freelander.

Does this mean I need to get a dog and buy some more expensive wellies?


cocolepew Wed 10-Sep-08 20:40:42

Do you own a Barbour?

nell12 Wed 10-Sep-08 20:40:52

Oh yes, and drive through muddy puddles just because you can grin

PavlovtheCat Wed 10-Sep-08 20:47:59

cocole what is a Barbour? Does the fact that I dont know mean I should not drive my new car?

Nell - we test drove a Mitzibishi Shogun first, enormous car, and where DH would usually let someone out at roadworks, the cars just like stopped for him! We liked it! But it was too old, and well, a bit well, big!

PavlovtheCat Wed 10-Sep-08 20:49:37

hehe I just looked up Barbour! We were in a 'country' shop the other day and I tried one on as I said to DH if we bought a Landie I would need one, they do them in pink and I saw two little girls walking along in them, DH said he would leave me if I bought one for DD...grin

AuntieMaggie Wed 10-Sep-08 20:51:31

great way to help the environment

PavlovtheCat Wed 10-Sep-08 20:56:22

aunty the emissions are not that bad, and to be honest, we will not use it that much.

I will be more diligent when the council stops leaving unnecessary street lights on all night, and the supermarkets start using less packaging for their food, and other large companies take ownership of their appalling impact on the environment.

My little bit of carbon footprint is a drop in the ocean compared to others. If I walked everywhere, this planet would not be saved. If every person walked everywhere, this planet would not be saved. Not until big businesses/govenment/other countries take steps.

Oh, and I flew to USA this year, and I am going again [blows raspberries} grin

cocolepew Wed 10-Sep-08 20:59:07

don't forget to get a matching hat. And a braying laugh.

PavlovtheCat Wed 10-Sep-08 21:00:36

I been practising the laugh, not sure it goes with the London accent, might need some elocution lessions grin

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