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Phil and Teds Buggy Bunny

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lizzielu Wed 10-Sep-08 18:59:27

Has anyone used this?

At the moment, I've got my 2 month old lying down on a blanket in the newborn position but as she gets older I will need to strap her in and was thinking of buying the buggy bunny.
Is it worth the money - how many months use do you get out of it? Is it a good product?

It looks as though it may slip down when I've viewed the picture online. I live in the Middle East so did not need the cocoon but I think she needs to be a little more cosier in the fabric seat.

I think the race seat is supposed to be for older children?
Any advice on what you have done with your newborns in the Phil and Teds lie flat position would be great.

fairy15 Wed 10-Sep-08 19:12:19

when i had my p&t i had a sponge ted which i think is a bit like the bunny. i used the cocoon as ds2 was born in nov but after a few months was too big to had to go in the back seat so i used that & a sleeping bag to make it more comfortable for him.

TheBlonde Wed 10-Sep-08 19:18:48

I used a sheepskin

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