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Slings - am I right with this?

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Tinkjon Wed 10-Sep-08 18:50:09

Have been reading my way through the minefield if info about sling and want to check that I've got this right, if somebody could confirm or deny!

1. Hip carriers are not good for any length of time (how long, btw? 20 minutes? 2 hours?)

2. Apart from back carriers, 2-shoulder carriers are the only ones you can use for a few hours at a time.

3. Mei Tai's aren't good for getting a baby in and out of quickly.

Is that right? Also, are there any slings where you can do a hip carry with 2 shoulders? If so, could I use that for a few hours at a time or are no hip carries comfy for a long time, 2-shouldered or not?

Thank you!

lydiathetattooedlady Thu 11-Sep-08 08:26:00

i use my ring sling for hours at a time, same with my pouch one.HTH.
not sure about the others you mentioned but i think the mei tai does need a bit of getting used to! x

LostGirl Thu 11-Sep-08 11:31:00

I used a wrap when dd was first born and when she hot 18lbs I switched to a mei tai. I cannot do a hip carry for a great length of time as I find it becomes uncomfrotable on my shoulder and my back, but that could just be me! It doesn't take too long to put the mei tai on and get the baby in, only about a minute but the advantage of a wrap was that you could leave it on and just pop baby in and out without taking it off in between.

I've never seen a two shouldered hip carry, have you tried looking on you tube?

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