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Talk to me about Coir flooring.

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LynetteScavo Tue 09-Sep-08 17:44:17

Do you live with it?

Did you choose it?

Do you love it or hate it?

It seems amazingly good value for money, hmm

coir flooring

maidamess Tue 09-Sep-08 17:55:33

I have it I love it.

I have it all up my stairs, it is extremely hardwearing (I have 3 of the heaviest footed children in Christendom)

I have it in my bedroom. Its not the sort of flooring you would roll around on naked, but I like its rufty tufty finish.

We bought ours from this place
Ollerton hall and they were cheap and very efficient and recommended great fitters.

Its not good if liquid is left to soak into it..but if you mop up quickly its fine.

I actually have sisal, a small loop one.

palaver Tue 09-Sep-08 17:57:18

I find it uncomfortable on bare/socked feet

maidamess Tue 09-Sep-08 17:58:49

Oh I like that, nice and scratchy. There are some that are more forgiving to a bare foot than others.

MinkyBorage Tue 09-Sep-08 18:07:31

I like te look of it, but when we discussed it with a carpet shop, they said they don't put it on stairs as it's too slippy, have you found that maidamess?

LynetteScavo Tue 09-Sep-08 18:14:25

I thought it was just seagrass that became slippy on stairs.

Thanks for that link, maidamess. smile

hermykne Tue 09-Sep-08 18:16:28

ilove it. my dad had it from when we were kids and i wil have it in my next house , for now i have black coir rugs, which i love.
the tan one has a few stains from the kids but nothing really bad.

LynetteScavo Tue 09-Sep-08 20:12:22

Even DH has said he thinks it would be a good idea. We might actually get this house decorated by Christmas!

maidamess Wed 10-Sep-08 14:34:38

No its not slippy at all, we have sisal, with quite a tight 'loop' so it doesn't get flattened down like carpet does.

i really can't rate it highly enough, I'm chuffed to bits with ours. I hardly ever hoover it, the bits don't show!

maidamess Wed 10-Sep-08 14:35:37

And if you have any largish bits left over when you've had it fitted, get the edges whipped for a few quid and it makes great rugs too.

LynetteScavo Wed 10-Sep-08 23:57:39

You hardly ever hoover it. I'm convinced!!!!

moomaa Sat 13-Sep-08 20:26:45

I know I might be too late but only just saw this. Please please don't put it on your stairs. We have it (was there when we moved in) and it is incredibly slippery, both me and and DH have had nasty falls down the stairs.

For other rooms it is hardwearing, 'ages' well and looks good, but isn't that 'comfy'. It is good in the hall.

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