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Bugaboo Bee Nest and Footmuff

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akimbu Tue 09-Sep-08 13:26:42

I'm about to buy a Bugaboo Bee and I was thinking that maybe the Green Baby Sheepskin Stroller Bag would be nicer than the Bugaboo Baby Nest as it is a natural material. Some say that regular pushchair sheepskin liners don't fit the Bee - can anyone confirm or deny these scurrilous rumours?

One more thing...does the Baby Nest actually help the newborn to lie flatter as the recline on the Bee is 30degrees?

Does anyone know what exactly the footmuff does? Do I really need a nest AND a footmuff?

My baby is due next week!!!


tallbirduk Tue 09-Sep-08 21:10:35

Can't answer all of that - but I do have the Bee and the baby nest, and I would definately buy the nest again (and the pram for that matter) - my DS is 10weeks old.

I think it does help them lie more flat, but also it is just lovely and cost for them when they are brand new - DS always looked / looks lovely and snug in there, and is happy as larry.

It is a lot of money to fork out though for something that may only last you ~12 weeks. LIke I say, DS is 10weeks, ~11lbs and I reckon give it another couple of weeks he will be getting a bit too snug in there. My next decision is then whether to buy the footmuff as a next step.

strawberrycornetto Tue 09-Sep-08 21:27:06

I have a bee but I bought it when DS was about 20 weeks or so. I have a footmuff but didn't need the nest. The footmuff is great, for summer I unzipped the top so just had him sitting on the bottom bit but it definitely made it more snug for my little man. He sleeps like a dream in it and is pretty much completely flat when fully reclined.

I am happy with my bee which replaced my frog. However, its not 100% perfect and DH does moan about the mechanism etc. I read somewhere that it is a brilliant stroller but not the absolute best all singing pram for the money if that makes sense.

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