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using big comapny websites for getting manuals,a little tip.

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Carameli Tue 22-Feb-05 10:24:09

I don't know if anyone else has come across things like this but I thought I'd better tell others here about what I found out.
My lovely little canon ixus i5 only cae with french manual....arrrggggg. But never mind I thought I'll just go to the Canon website and download one. (Had done this before with Nokia when living in Finland as my Finnish was certainly no where near enough to read a manual)

Anyway the uk website directed me to a publishers who emailed me back and said it would cost £12 plus delivery. Could not believe they want to chanrge £12 for a little book.

So the other night I put the name into a search engine and it brought up a page with Canon Austrailia. From the website I was able to download the whole manual for free.!!

it just shows you doesn't it!!!

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