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Playmobil Grande Mansion or the Modern dolls house?

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LazyLinePainterJane Sun 07-Sep-08 08:55:57

Am looking towards Christmas presents for DS and he is recently very into Playmobil, am thinking of one of these. Anyhow, they are similarly priced and see you can get extensions for both.

So which is best? I know you all love Playmobil so expect answers!!!

belgo Sun 07-Sep-08 09:00:21

I would go for the playmobil pyramid, it's just come out in Belgium here it's won awards.

I don't know which is better though, the grand mansion or modern dolls house, as I think there is far more interesting playmobil around!

LazyLinePainterJane Sun 07-Sep-08 09:07:59

I think there is as well.....but I have to keep reminding myself it is for him and not for me grin

belgo Sun 07-Sep-08 09:09:54


belgo Sun 07-Sep-08 10:14:36

bump for any more playmobil fans!

compo Sun 07-Sep-08 10:15:55

how old is he?

LostGirl Sun 07-Sep-08 10:41:08

How come we cannot get the pyramid in the uk, that looks great! In regards to OP, we have held off buying either of these for our dd who adores playmobil as the rooms look quite small and enclosed which makes it hard for her to move all the little bits around easily. We are currently looking for a more open plan dolls house to use with her playmobil.

slayerette Sun 07-Sep-08 10:41:43

Has he specifically asked for one of these? If not, I agree with belgo - things like the pirate ship, the castles, etc are all much more exciting. The water park and the circus also look great, as does the Roman set. You can see I've thought way too much about this! grin

LIZS Sun 07-Sep-08 10:45:22

Playmobil release stuff in Europe about a year in advance to UK. dd has the Grande Mansion with the extensions but think you might find the modern one more useful for a boy and easier to integrate as part of a bigger collection (other sets look more similar) and add bits too.

LazyLinePainterJane Sun 07-Sep-08 10:56:06

LOl slayer grin

He is 3. He got the camper van for his birthday and he plays with it every day and takes it to bed with him. I agree that the pirate ship and whatnot look more interesting, but he is very into vehicles and role play, washing, ironing and he loves a relatives dolls house which was why I was looking at them. He also has a wooden pirate ship that he doesn't play with and I think I will put it away for a couple of years.

Having looked I think that the modern one, whilst it doesn't appeal to my sensibilities grin looks easier to play with and he would love the gardening things that you can get to add on.

More playmobil talk please! grin

LazyLinePainterJane Sun 07-Sep-08 10:56:29

Thanks LIZS, i think you re right.

LazyLinePainterJane Sun 07-Sep-08 13:00:38

bumps for playmobil aficionados!

FluffyMummy123 Sun 07-Sep-08 13:01:15

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Sun 07-Sep-08 13:01:43

Message withdrawn

northernrefugee39 Sun 07-Sep-08 13:08:29

My kids( and me) love playmobil.
They actually put their playmobil figures, animals, furniture etc in one of those largish wooden dolls houses. They build up an enormous set up with circus, farm, horse stables campervan jungle etc; they use fisher price dolls houses, shoe boxes and everything else.
It really disturbs me,grin- all the wrong sized stuff not looking rightshock but I've given up re arranging it to look nice when they've gone to bed.
They will do what they will do. And they play brilliantly with it, still do- even the 11 yr old....
I like the modern house, though you could always put sets from the victorian one in it if you can cope.....wink

Countingthegreyhairs Sun 07-Sep-08 13:19:09

>but I've given up re arranging it to look nice when they've gone to bed

PMSL NorthernRefugee 39

Sorry to hijack but what's the cut off age (thereabouts) for Playmobil and Lego ?

DD 5 has a few small bits of each and I was considering adding to collection at Christmas but don't have a clue ...

LazyLinePainterJane Sun 07-Sep-08 13:21:01

hmmmm cod do you think? I am expecting a DD, but guess that should not be the point of present for DS grin

You can get the egyptian stuff from a seller on Amazon now, assume they imported it:


FluffyMummy123 Sun 07-Sep-08 13:21:36

Message withdrawn

LazyLinePainterJane Sun 07-Sep-08 13:24:37

DS would love a recycling truck, but the vehicles are going to take over the house! Hmmm....

Look! PLaymobil homesless man is collectors item! hahahhaaa!

Marne Sun 07-Sep-08 13:25:40

Dd1 has loads of playmobil (mainly 2nd hand), her favorites are the police car/bikes, the campervan (even though its falling apart) and the Coach/bus from woolworths.

She has the carry around house which she does'nt real play with.

I have just bought the pirate ship but i hav'nt given it to her as i'm using it to bribe her grin, she knows i have it hidden away.

Marne Sun 07-Sep-08 13:27:36

Dd1 want's this for x-mas

northernrefugee39 Sun 07-Sep-08 13:32:32

OMG- Lazy- the vagabond is unreal...
I myself want the pyramid for Xmas.

Don't get the supermarket, they don't play with it. And that really takes a long time to re arrange and set up nicely, I can tell you speaking from experience..

northernrefugee39 Sun 07-Sep-08 13:37:18

Oh the circus is really worth it. We got one at a boot sale ages ago- the old version, I don't think they make it now.
It has clowns, tigers and lions, a band, trapeze wire, horses with plumes in their bridles. Really gorgeous, and played with mucho.

Whemn we wwent to NCT classes, the woman had the playmobil hostpital to describe to us parents of pfb, the hostpital set up.

Our dentist has the playmobil one on the shelf.

LazyLinePainterJane Sun 07-Sep-08 13:41:47

See, now I am thinking that cod is right (!) about the house, that he will lose interest and I know he will have much more fun with some sort of vehicle...fuckin' cars!

Maybe police or something like that. Although he did just see me looking at the holiday retreat cottage and say that he wanted to make it grin

Do you reckon you get playmobil at NCT sales or is it all snaffled by the helpers? Am going to one in a fortnight.

LOL at dentist playmobil grin

Nemoandthefishes Sun 07-Sep-08 13:44:02

what about the farm instead? DD1 got it last year and is big hit between the 3 DC. DS also has castle, police station, and lots of other bits.

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