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Game boy advance - anyone have one?

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IlanaK Sat 06-Sep-08 20:38:03

We are not a gaming family. We have a computer that the kids play games on, but that's it. I want something portable or the kids to use in train journeys etc, but something my dh and I could use as well. I looked at a ds lite but it is very pricey.

A gameboy advance is only £25 on and there seems to be a wide range of games available for all ages, My ds are 7 and 4.

What do you think?

filthymindedvixen Sat 06-Sep-08 20:39:35

my dsses (8 and nearly 11) still really enjoy theirs.

chipsandtart Sat 06-Sep-08 22:24:34

i dug my db's old one out the attic for ds (4) and he loves it and there is a large range of games avalible which you can get off ebay for about a pound a time.

ps. you can also use original gameboy games in them

cat64 Sat 06-Sep-08 22:48:11

Message withdrawn

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