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Can I lock my mountain buggy urban double so it stays folded?

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Seabird Mon 21-Feb-05 20:43:58

Just got mine, haven't used it out yet pending birth of ds. I've managed to fold it up but can't see how to lock it folded - doesn't this make it a bit hard to get in and out of the car boot etc? Am I missing something??

Chuffed Tue 22-Feb-05 09:18:00

The leash that goes around your hand you could just put it around the handle and then click it on - well that is how we do it on our single.

Seabird Tue 22-Feb-05 20:58:49

Thanks Chuffed, that's what I've been doing. Strange there's no locking clip though.

Chuffed Wed 23-Feb-05 09:33:49

Yeah bit of a pain that but I suppose they are more a walking buggy than a in and out of the car buggy aren't they...

Seabird Thu 24-Feb-05 20:36:58

Hmm - but at £600 it will probably have to be my in&out the car buggy too!

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