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I know, I know but I need some recomendations on net curtains

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Having just washed my net curtains, I realised just how naff some of mine are, and therefore need to purchase some new ones. Our local independant shop went under a few months back so unsure where to get some from. Anyone purchased net curtains online before and could recomend them?

Lauriefairycake Thu 04-Sep-08 15:52:15

john lewis has the nicest voiles. I have moved to an old cottage and now have mis matched bits of french lace (off ebay) instead - looks really lovely but not good unless you're into shabby chic ?

forevercleaning Thu 04-Sep-08 15:54:08

nets? oh dear!

I know Forevercleaning, I soooo loved it when we loved in a 3rd floor flat and had no need for nets. However now we live in a close and I need something up. Can't abide blinds - sorry

Lilymaid Thu 04-Sep-08 16:08:50

John Lewis voile is the only half decent net that I know of.

MrsSprat Thu 04-Sep-08 16:14:13

I got some nice voile-type ones from Allders (cream), cheaper than JL I think. Any dept. store with curtain/haberdashers bit should sort you out. They're not all lacey doiley types. Ikea have some quite funky ones too, but the sizing can be a bit unaccommodating.

forevercleaning Thu 04-Sep-08 16:43:52

sorry biscuit didnt mean to offend - i like to be without nets, for the pure reaason of my nosiness!

No offence taken! See I need nets because of my nosiness grin

Cheers for the other suggestions, will check them out.

jellybeans Sun 07-Sep-08 14:42:49

I got some plain voiles from Argos, patio door type ones but use them just on front window. They were cheapish. Dunelm mill had some nice ones too. Have to hve em as people can stare right in and they diffuse the light nicely (we have a through room). Used to have old granny nets but they got abit embarrassing!

Thanks jellybeans. I actually discovered the delights of Dunelm Mill on Friday. Unfortunatly they didn't have a wide range of nets, but i did spend a fortune on other textiles blush

Have been given the name of a shop nearby so going to check that out next week

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