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Does anyone own Trollbeads or Pandora jewellery??

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johnbarrowmanlovesme Thu 04-Sep-08 14:34:01

I have a Birthday coming up soon & DH & family are going to get me some jewellery only I can't make up my mind which to have,Pandora or Trollbeadshmmthey are both gorgeous.

They are both about the same price, bracelet, charms etc. so which have you got & why do you prefer it to the other type??


Fimbo Thu 04-Sep-08 14:35:31

You need Disenchanted.

johnbarrowmanlovesme Thu 04-Sep-08 17:07:03

whats disenchanted??

blowsy Thu 04-Sep-08 17:07:51

Pandora are the best!

Fimbo Thu 04-Sep-08 17:08:05

She's a poster lol grin

MaloryDontDiveItsShallow Thu 04-Sep-08 17:10:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fimbo Thu 04-Sep-08 17:10:45

here. Disenchanted was Kittylette

blowsy Thu 04-Sep-08 17:10:51

I have a Pandora and I think they look much nicer and the actual bracelet bit is much more stylish imo.

johnbarrowmanlovesme Thu 04-Sep-08 17:11:19

O I see, I have been googling disenchanted blush

TsarChasm Thu 04-Sep-08 18:55:05

One's beads fit the other but not the other way round.

I think Troll beads will fit Pandora bracelets but Pandora beads don't fit Trolls.

zippitippitoes Thu 04-Sep-08 18:56:54

i have trollbeads

i havent seen the pandora ones in real life

amazonianwoman Thu 04-Sep-08 23:12:51

I have a Pandora bracelet. The Trollbeads don't fit Pandora bracelets.

Lovelinks charms fit Pandora and are about half the price grin Both are fab! I have a mix of both (think all the murano glass beads are Lovelinks)

johnbarrowmanlovesme Fri 05-Sep-08 00:23:23

Thanks for all your replies. Still undecided hmm Spoke to DH about them tonight & about getting charms from him & the kids for Christmas, Birthdays etc so he says why just get one at a time, I'll get you a filled bracelet shock so I pulled up a completed bracelet to show him, his face was a picture, the one I picked was over £2,ooo !! I wouldn't want to start with the whole lot though, I think that's half the fun of it, receiving charms, especially from DC.

So is it Pandora or Troll, Troll or Pandora??
Would I be right in thinking that Pandora are sort of pretty then the trollbeads are also pretty but maybe bit more funky?

Yorkiegirl Fri 05-Sep-08 00:32:30

Message withdrawn

johnbarrowmanlovesme Fri 05-Sep-08 00:41:17

How long have you been collecting yours Yorkiegirl? do you mix & match the beads from bracelet to necklace etc?

Can't believe I'm up this time of the night deliberating about which beads to buy grin

Yorkiegirl Fri 05-Sep-08 07:36:32

Message withdrawn

gingerwench Fri 05-Sep-08 12:58:38

i have trollbeads and I like the quirky designs e.g. squalling baby, bee on honeycomb

johnbarrowmanlovesme Fri 05-Sep-08 16:00:17

I think I am going to have to go & see some in the flesh as I'm still not sure which ones to go for.

Thanks for all your replies, your bracelets all sound lovely grin

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