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Quiet condenser dryer??

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Flower3554 Thu 04-Sep-08 11:34:32

I have an Indesit dryer which does work very well but the noise from it is deafening.

I can't stand it anymoreangry so I want a new one.

Which is the quietest model pleasesmile

climbanymountain Thu 04-Sep-08 23:21:13

I had a Siemens and it was very quiet. Had to replace recently and bought an AEG and it is SO loud.

lou33 Thu 04-Sep-08 23:22:11

my lg is pretty quiet

Flower3554 Fri 05-Sep-08 08:52:50

Thank you both, I'll check those out. I'm sure its a design fault with my Indesit because I've heard someone else say theirs is very noisy as well.

Tutter Fri 05-Sep-08 08:56:39

i have a miele and it's very quiet

lou33 Fri 05-Sep-08 08:59:24

i had an indesit once, renamed it indeshit because they are

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