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Travel Cots/tent thingies

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Mattesdon Wed 03-Sep-08 22:42:39

hi guys

ok, you know these travel cots/pods/tent things? Am I making sense? I mean the ones like this or this one

my question is this.... how the chuff do you keep DS in it??

he goes down awake and drops off to sleep himself (good boy!) but he'll crawl about a bit to begin with and when he wakes up.

they seem to have very low sides and I can just see the little monkey escaping.

.......... or am I just being a bit thick... be nice about it if I am?!!!? blush

nancy75 Wed 03-Sep-08 22:49:22

they zip up i think, they must do because the first one says its like a mosquito net, so it must do up all around.

Mattesdon Wed 03-Sep-08 22:53:14

must do mustn't it!?!

some say up to sitting up but others say up to 5 years! That's ok once kids are old enough to reason ith but DS is 9 months and so doesnt really understand 'stay in your bed' y'know?!

MatNanPlus Wed 03-Sep-08 22:56:33

With the first one you can zip up the front and use the sky light with the second your stuck, i have never had much success once baby is moving, current baby uses the Samsonite Pop Up Crib on occasions and as she rolls/thrashes we have a swim noodle/woggle in a U shape under the fitted bottom sheet so she is contained as she is perfectly capable of rolling it onto it's side shock

Mattesdon Wed 03-Sep-08 23:04:49

that was partly hat I was worried about, I can see DS standing up and flinging himself against the side and then hearing a big thud!

tent peg are all very well outside but my mum is gunna get really upest if I start hammering them into her floors! grin

MatNanPlus Wed 03-Sep-08 23:04:51

Arc2 & Arc3 look the sturdiest.

MatNanPlus Wed 03-Sep-08 23:06:08

Other than that it is a traditional travel cot.

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