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Has anyone's dd had the clarks shoes with the doll in the heel? Are they any good?

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Dd is absolutely desperate for some (in such a cute way, she keeps creating scenarios in which she would have to have them "if they didn't have any other shoes in my size but they had the daisy shoes I would have to have them and I would be so happy but you would be cross" LOL) but I seem to remember someone on here saying they were crap and the soles crumpled up. Am I just making that up or is that the case? Can you tell me how your dd's have got on with them? Thanks.

Doodle2U Wed 03-Sep-08 21:39:26

Doll is shite.

Trap door in one shoe sat up a little proud and I noticed DD walking with a limp after three days. Changed her shoes to PE plimsoles for a couple of days and she was OK again. Ditched Clarkes and had to cough up another £25 for a new pair of shoes.

Most hacked off about it angry

SoupDragon Wed 03-Sep-08 21:40:42

DSs have had no trouble with te boy equivalent.

Doodle, you should have returned them to Clarks.

OOOOOOOOOOOOoh. I don't care about the doll I know it's shite (!) but there's no way dd is having bad fitting shoes.

nicolamumof3 Wed 03-Sep-08 21:42:19

agree they should have been returned. my ds loved the boys equivalent too. but the car is indeed quite rubbish!

tiggerlovestobounce Wed 03-Sep-08 21:43:06

My DD has a pair. They arent great, but no worse than Clarks shoes generally.
I try to avoid Clarks shoes now though, as IMO they are really poor quality.

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Wed 03-Sep-08 21:43:08

they are brilliant for my dds feet and she has v awkward v narrow feet! we always have trouble getting her shoes to fit and they normally have to be adjusted i.e extra holes in the straps/insoles etc.

LOL look at this do you think she works for clarks or is just very could she have not noticed before she got it home...definitely a netmummer from the style of writing

TsarChasm Wed 03-Sep-08 21:44:08

Dear lord no not the dolly shoes. (We haven't had them thanks to some fancy fast talking from me in the shop.) Clarks and the doll shoes make my head implode with rage angry.

Sorry ignore me, sore subject, not much help was I!grin

Doodle2U Wed 03-Sep-08 21:44:11

I still have them here, to be returned! grin Another job on my three sides of A4 list! hmm

DD has wide feet so I wonder if they will even fit her <hopeful>

TsarChasm - I couldn't agree more and I may even have started a thread in the past ranting about it but dd is just so keen on them and I always buy her clarks shoes anyway BUT really I'm looking for an excuse why I can't get them!!

wessexgirl Wed 03-Sep-08 21:46:32

Dd1 has the Daisy Rose ones; we took the dolls out straightaway though, to prevent any constant flipping-up-and-down of insole malarkey. They seem fine so far.

Oh and I have told her repeatedly she's not having any but she's being so sweet about it and not badgering me about them awwwwwwh, I'm such a soft freakin' touch <slaps self>

TsarChasm Wed 03-Sep-08 21:48:29

This is just the problem. Dear old Clarks have given poor parents another stick to be beaten with. I hate them.

MaryBS Wed 03-Sep-08 21:49:09

My DD loves them, all the girls do in her class.

SoupDragon Wed 03-Sep-08 21:51:07

Dances, DS2 has H width feet. I he was delighted to find that the car shoes were one of the styles available in his size

GodzyGoesBananas Wed 03-Sep-08 21:57:24

Two of my DDs are too old, and the other is too young, but just wondering if anyone can confirm whether the soles stand up to alot of wear and tear (ie; an hour a day walking at least, and not wearing through after a few weeks).

We tried light up trainers and they didn't stand up to the Godzy Household Test of Endurance so i'm loathe to spend good money on shite, quite frankly. (When DD3 is older i mean).(assuming some similar thing is around then).

notsoteenagemum Wed 03-Sep-08 22:00:08

DD had them and came limping out of school, she'd smuggled Hannah Montana dog tags in the doll space and they'd got stuck! She didn't want to get into trouble with the teacher so kept quiet all day, for the rest of the time she had them I had to check everyday for contraband- be warned!!
Also DS has the car ones but the box is plain and they have no car in, he and I didn't realise at the time and can't be bothered complaining, have they been stopped now or something

jennieflower Thu 04-Sep-08 11:27:26

My DD (5.7) is on her third pair of these shoes now. I bought the first pair in August last year for starting school. They lasted very well and didn't need replacing until Easter. The second pair lasted up until the summer holidays and she's just had a new pair to go back to school in.

I'm quite fussy about my daughters clothes and shoes and I polish her shoes every day so maybe this is why they've lasted so well. There have been no problems with the insoles splitting or breaking either so I'm really pleased with them.

DD seems to be policing them herself now, last year she insisted on having the dolls in for school and promised she only look them out at playtime, this year she's left them at home so they don't get lost or ruined!

jeee Thu 04-Sep-08 11:29:44

No, no, no... the hole in the sole means they're really unrobust. Now I just go into the shoe shop and say, "no daisy chain, no geox, nothing over £40" and see what fits.

crumpet Thu 04-Sep-08 11:32:56

we looked at them last weeekend but the fitter in the shop (Jones) warned us off them saying they had had lots of complaints, and that after repeated lifting, a crease developed in the sole which made them uncomfortable.

Good sales spiel as we then spent an extra tenner on ones which lit up!

florenceuk Thu 04-Sep-08 11:34:14

I refuse to buy shoes with toys in, full stop. or lights for that matter. This means most of the time I avoid Clarks!

suwoo Thu 04-Sep-08 11:49:25

Funny, you say that about your dd's narrow feet, seashells. My DD is an 11.5F and they were huge on her. With the 2 doll pairs, the sales asst could put her finger between the shoe and dd's foot at the front and said they were way too wide???

SummatAnNowt Thu 04-Sep-08 12:08:50

Dh bought the car ones accidentally. The shoes were £10 in the sale and no box. Still haven't told ds about the car in them as it the whole set-up looks like it could cause discomfort, nevermind the getting the toy in and out.

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