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Kidsleep Night Light and Alarm Clock

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futurity Wed 03-Sep-08 13:25:10

Has anyone got this: and would you recommend it for encouraging a 3.5 year old DS to stay in bed until a decent hour!?

Over the summer holidays he has discovered getting out of bed at all times (including the middle of the night, 5 am in the morning etc) and having a run around the house! We have done the whole sticker chart thing with a bit of success but saw this as recommended and wondered if it is worth giving a go?

Also, in the description it says about waking up with bird song? Can this bit be turned off so it is only the day time bunny that shows it is time to be awake as I think the birdsong might freak him out!


Seona1973 Wed 03-Sep-08 13:43:09

if you want a cheaper version then Argos have got new clocks in that light up when it is time to get out of bed. Go Glow clocks

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