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footmuff for nipper 360 twin!??

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fairibell Wed 03-Sep-08 07:45:15

I have just brought a double nipper for use with a 9month old and a 5 month old - it didn't include the footmuffs - i was wondering if any others (other than the out n about one) fitted it well - waht about the fleece buggy snuggles?

Washersaurus Wed 03-Sep-08 20:04:05

Kaiser footmuffs (like this are fab and they come in XL for jogger type buggies too (my standard size one still fits on my Phil & Teds with my 3yo in it with plenty of room to spare)

The company who sell them used to offer a discount to MNers through their ad on here, but I can't find it now. They also had an ebay shop. I wish I could remember their name!

Washersaurus Wed 03-Sep-08 20:10:34

It was baby2childhood - they don't have anything for sale on ebay at the moment and they don't seem to be advertising on here either. I'm not sure if you can buy them anywhere else? Maybe worth contacting them through the baby2childhood ebay shop if interested (mine cost £30/£35 btw)

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