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what sort of vacuumcleaner?

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oops Sun 20-Feb-05 14:35:51

Message withdrawn

JanH Sun 20-Feb-05 14:57:25

Have a look through these 2 threads, oops:

Bet your Dyson isn't as crap as mine

Dyson has died

lots of opinions there! (Do you notice the theme in the titles...don't get a Dyson!)

As you will see I have a Miele S571 (? I think that's the number) and it is brill.

oops Sun 20-Feb-05 15:41:55

Message withdrawn

LGJ Sun 20-Feb-05 15:42:52

We have a Sebo and it is wonderful, we paid about £175.00 and it is worth every penny. We went through two Hoover Vortex's and both had a new motor each, so effectively four hoovers if you follow that logic before we got the Sebo x4.

This review was not written my me, but it may as well have been.

We have had this model for 4yrs now and have had 3 motors replaced (£50 each time) and 2 electrical faults. It always goes after the guarantee period and stinks the house out with burnt motor smell and leave black mark on the carpet. The Engineer said that this was a problem with this model but we still replaced it (cheaper than buying a new vaccum) and the motor has now gone again !. We use it every week for about 25 minutes which I don't think it's excessive. We have decided to cut our loss and buy something else. So be warned ...

noddyholder Sun 20-Feb-05 15:44:06

miele cat and dog is brill have had ours 3 years and no probs very powerful

oops Sun 20-Feb-05 15:59:09

Message withdrawn

tigi Sun 20-Feb-05 16:19:05

I bought a Henry after using one in our hol cottage that was ace. It was more expensive than I thought _£95 ish, but great!

pootlepod Sun 20-Feb-05 16:39:38

We have a bosch formula 1800w which was similar to the miele- but cheaper.

It's great, light but sturdy, has the tools on board (never used to bother with them but as they're there I now use them) and great for stairs.

MaggieW Mon 21-Feb-05 16:09:03

Whichever one you decide on - check the Tesco website for prices as they can be considerably cheaper than other places. We bought a bagless (it's great and much better than bags)Electrolux for £74 (incl delivery) which was selling ofr £95 elsewhere.

Chandra Mon 21-Feb-05 16:13:59

We had a Dyson and ditched it for a Miele Solution (same as Cat & Dog but with a Hepa filter), it's has made such a diference to DS's asthma that I can't stop myself from telling everybody how much I love it

Anteater Mon 21-Feb-05 16:14:10

Henry, the Jeep of hoovers!

JanH Mon 21-Feb-05 17:00:53

You can buy a HEPA filter to fit to any Miele vac if you want one though. (Hughes Direct is a good site )

Sallie Mon 21-Feb-05 17:19:52

I would go for a SEBO - they are fab and last forever. They do have bags but don't seem to need to be changed very often.

tigi Mon 21-Feb-05 22:10:08

the miele always comes out top on the which reports

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