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Best toy under £10 for a 2 year old. Recommendations please.

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Surfermum Sun 20-Feb-05 10:56:36

I've got a series of 2nd birthday parties coming up and need some ideas for pressies. What are your recommendations for toys for 2 year olds? Am spending up to £10.

Also, does anyone know if anywhere is doing BOGOFs or 3 for 2's?


colditzmum Sun 20-Feb-05 11:02:11


Your child will be the most popular!

(you may be the least popular mum though)

Casmie Sun 20-Feb-05 11:16:04

ELC is usually a good place to go for 3 for 2's. Simple jigsaws, plastic dinosaurs/animals, agree with the playdoh suggestion... Tomy do a little "pocket money" thomas set which is a little box that opens out to a track for around £10 (suspect it's 3+ but ds1 was given one at 2 and it was a HUGE hit)

Enid Sun 20-Feb-05 11:48:50

I buy those tubes of Fisher Price Little People/Animals - only a £5 but I am tight

Casmie Sun 20-Feb-05 12:22:18

Have to say around £5 seems to be the "norm" around here for party presents unless they're a particularly close friend (when I will go up to £10 depending on the present).

Twiglett Sun 20-Feb-05 12:23:04

think £5 is the norm here too

lyndap Sun 20-Feb-05 12:28:19

ELC do a great posting game with letters and clip on stamps my 2 yo dd loves it!

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