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Pressure fit safety gates....

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DontNeedAnything Sat 30-Aug-08 13:29:10 easy are they to push over (by a 2yo)? they damage wooden door frames (if they are made to fitt too tight)?

<want to stop DD3 getting in DTDs room so not really using it for its "safety" features, more as a barrier>

TrinityRhino Sat 30-Aug-08 13:32:12

they are pretty shit
from my experience thay gradually get loose from being opened and shut and then fall off
and they scrape/scratch the frame as they do it

DontNeedAnything Sat 30-Aug-08 13:34:54

hmmm.....I woudl be happy to stick the gate up we have in teh garage which needs just 4 holes in teh door frame.

DP wants to avoid drilling holes, buy a new gate for £20.

I just think the pressure fit are going to cause as much (ig not more damage) to teh door frame than a neat hole drilled under control.

hatwoman Sat 30-Aug-08 13:40:10

we put one up against a crappy wall and it carved a perfect circle of plaster, but against a wooden door frame it seems ok. tbh I don;t think you can put a gate up without any damage - but it's all cosmetic - nothing that 10 minutes with some polyfiller and a lick of paint won;t sort out.

Elmosgirl Sat 30-Aug-08 13:40:37

We have lindam pressure gates, have no problems with the fit, they seem very sturdy and I can't get them to budge at all when pushing against them.

Our rented house as fairly think gloss paint on the door frames and this has been marked slightly by the pressure pads nut nothing too major.

Elmosgirl Sat 30-Aug-08 13:41:53

thick gloss paint

DontNeedAnything Sat 30-Aug-08 13:43:57

But surely a nice neat drilled hole will be easier to repair than a 2" dent where the cups have dug into teh paint????

What you are saying is that it is going to need a paint job when we are finished with it anyway...

hatwoman Sat 30-Aug-08 14:37:10

I think you're right - if you drill a neat hole it will be easier to mend. does depend a bit on how good your drill/drill skills/door frame is to start with. I can do quite spectaculr damage with a drill if I put my mind to it...

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