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Glider Chairs - Anyone got this one??

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browny Sat 30-Aug-08 12:38:51

Hi, I'm looking at replacing my old Glider Chair, I've seen these on the Mums2b website and wonder if anyone could tell me what the quality is like please? smile.

Thanks! smile.

browny Sat 30-Aug-08 23:03:49

bump smile.

browny Mon 01-Sep-08 11:44:43

anyone? smile

Tinkerisdead Mon 01-Sep-08 11:53:19

hi, yes i have one. had it a couple of months now. it was delivered really really quickly. when i got it the seat cushion had black marks all over it, i rang and they sent a new one within two days. the quality i find really good. the only "problem" with is that it smells odd, like a musty smell like the fabric has been treated. its gone though now its assembled and in the nursery. i often go and sit on it reading a story to my bump grin

For the money, it's good.

browny Mon 01-Sep-08 12:03:49

Thank you so much, I did think that it might be too good to be true for the money, I like the pink cushions with white wood. Did you bother to buy the glider brake as an extra, I wonder if I'd ever use it? Thanks again for letting me know. smile.

p.s. I joined your ante-natal thread (Due Nov.) but couldn't keep up with the conversations..I'm 30 weeks today, how are you? smile.

Tinkerisdead Tue 02-Sep-08 10:08:07

i havent been on antenatal thread for a while either as its too fast moving if you're only dipping in and out.

im 30 weeks on friday :-) getting very big and very tired and very apprehensive about this birthing business!!!

i didnt get a brake on the chair, i got cream cushions on white wood and it looks really nice with all the white furniture in my nursery.

browny Tue 02-Sep-08 12:21:45

I know exactly what you mean about feeling really big and tired, I wasn't managing to get much sleep at all in our bed, so I have moved into the baby's newly decorated nursery and am sleeping on an inflatable bed - it's lovely and comfortable and I don't get disturbed by dh's early morning alarm grin.

I agree with you about the ante-natal thread, it does move really fast and I was having trouble remembering who was who, I lurk now and again though smile.

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