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Activity stations?

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MrsMcJnr Fri 29-Aug-08 23:25:54

Can you recommend one? thanks! smile

weddingcake Sat 30-Aug-08 11:36:45

If you mean what I think you mean then the Graco Entertainer is excellent!

Noisy, expensive and deeply irritating imo.

Save the cash and give them loads of pans and cooking implements and other found objects.

Buy stuff for self instead.

Maybe I am just mean mummy. wink grin

MrsMcJnr Sat 30-Aug-08 17:25:19

Thanks weddingcake, will check that one out and thanks WTWTW grin it is for me really as we live in Spain, the whole flat has marble floors and I can't leave DS anywhere safely other than in his playpen and I need another "station" in the circuit to keep him occupied whilst I do the housework! smile any more suggestions ladies?

babyjjbaby Sun 31-Aug-08 15:17:04

i have got a graco fun giggles one worth every penyy but they don't fold what about a fisherprice jumperoo

fairy15 Sun 31-Aug-08 17:57:31

a fisherprice hop n pop is good, both my boys have enjoyed it & it folds up.

nicolamumof3 Sun 31-Aug-08 19:04:37

leapfrog learn and groove best bit of baby kit i had! Kept luka entertained for up to an hour fab whilst i wanted to have a bath/do chores etc. indispensable as he was kept upright before he was able to sit by himself so he could see us all and made change to bouncy chair for him.

tassisssss Sun 31-Aug-08 19:43:04

these are fab! I have a very old one that's been in almost constant use for about 9 years and has done at least 9 children!

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