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Check your Maclaren buggy

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MaggieW Sat 19-Feb-05 15:04:13

I've discovered that the problem we have with our relatively new Maclaren Techno buggy seems to be a design fault ie the brakes make the outer rear wheel wear down. Ours is now so worn that it's hard to steer. I've discovered two neighbours who have a similar problem and just wonder how many Mumsnetters have noticed the same thing with theirs. I'm going to approach Maclaren but would like to hear from others who may have similar problem first. Thanks.

suzywong Sat 19-Feb-05 15:05:40

I got so Peed off with my Maclaren largley because of the crap brakes that I beat in with a branch in the style of Basil Fawlty and put it on a skip

took ds2 out of it first though

sobernow Sat 19-Feb-05 15:09:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

marthamoo Sat 19-Feb-05 15:11:49

I mentioned this to dh the other day - our Maclaren Triumph is just over a year old and the outside back wheels are significantly worn down in comparison to the others (used to have another Maclaren and the same happened with that one too). How is it the brakes? Do they rub on the wheels as you are pushing along? I'd go and investigate but ds2 is asleep in mine as I type. Agree Suzy, the brakes are so useless I never even attempt to use them - just keep hold of it or wedge it up against street furniture.

Pinotmum Wed 23-Feb-05 23:23:56

There was a question on here from CarrieG I think about a week ago asking if anyone could confirm the rumour that Maclaren have changed the brake design now. If this is true it must be because of this. I have just bought a Quest but think if was last years design/colour so I'm a bit disappointed that I probably have the old brake system.

marthamoo Wed 23-Feb-05 23:29:57

I have studied my Triumph and I cannot see that it is the brakes - they don't make contact with the outer wheel to wear it down. Mentioned this to my friend who has a Techno, bought a few weeks after my Triumph - her wheels are not worn at all. She asked on her parenting website (not this one, obviously!) and the general consensus is that it's down to style of pushing. Those who have worn back wheels tend to be taller (as I am) and bear down more on the handles as they push. Since she told me this I have caught myself at it - I do push down hard on the handles when I push, I definitely bring more pressure to bear than is needed. My friend is much shorter than me and says she pushes quite "lightly."

Those with worn wheels - check out your pushing style

marthamoo Wed 23-Feb-05 23:30:21

Brakes are undeniably crap though - that's a given.

ghosty Wed 23-Feb-05 23:49:16

Brakes are crap ...
I have had a Mclaren for 4 years now .... and I don't think the brakes have ever worked properly ... DD often goes off on a little solo roll when i am locking the car up ... I have to remember to wedge the wheels with my foot.
It broke once too ... one to the support bars that support the back ... took it to a clever handyman who fixed it as at the time Mclaren wasn't in NZ (mine is from the UK) ....

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