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Blank Cd's - Best place to buy ?

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Kayleigh Sat 19-Feb-05 14:22:28

Where do you buy your blank CD'S from ? What is my cheapest option ?

pixiefish Sat 19-Feb-05 14:30:40

Lidl do some cheap ones. I get mine free of charge from dh who has a computer shop so can't comment on anywhere else but have seen them cheap in Lidl

Kayleigh Sat 19-Feb-05 19:59:50

anyone bought on ebay ?

Frizbe Sat 19-Feb-05 20:00:29

Staples for last lot, duno if cheaper than anywhere else?

Kayleigh Sun 20-Feb-05 14:31:34

Thabks ladies, found some great coloured ones on e-bay so am going to see what they are like. Work out around 47p each for a CD and CD case.

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