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cot toys... muscial lights... sound activated?

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fairibell Thu 28-Aug-08 19:38:00

looking for some kind of cot toy that plays soothing music and has lights to keep my daughters attention - mostly for in a few moneths when we put her to bed and come down stairs so that if she wakes a makes a noise the music and or lights are ativated to hopefully get her back to sleep...

any one got something fantastc? anything to avoid?

fairibell Thu 28-Aug-08 19:40:31

really like this one!
but can't find anywhere if it is sound activated!! anyone got one??

FEP Thu 28-Aug-08 19:47:30

Hi Fairibell,

We brought one of these for ds and have been really please with it. It comes with a remote control which is handy just to creep round the door and restart it if need be, although the remote only works for an hour I think after switching it on. Alternatively the other mode is sound actived and seems to be sensitive enough. The light on the stomach is quite bright in total darkness but the ceiling light is great. I brought other cots lights prior to this one and always ended taking them back for one reason or another.

Hope you are please with Dillon if you decide to buy him.


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