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Phil and teds tyres, do I need 'slime' and how do I put it in??!

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nicolamumof3 Thu 28-Aug-08 15:46:35

I've never had an air filled tyre pushchair before but just about to order a p&t so do i need this slime stuff? i will be doing a bit of off roading sometimes to park, woodland walks and beach but mostly about town.

Nemoandthefishes Thu 28-Aug-08 15:50:09

I have used 2 different p+ts and never used slime yet..

annwoo Thu 28-Aug-08 15:50:11

Have only ever had one puncture and do quite alot of walking off road. Haven't bothered to 'slime'. Enjoy your P & T.

nicolamumof3 Thu 28-Aug-08 15:54:24

oh great, im just going to take another mnetters out for a test run to make sure i like it before I buy!! Thats nice of her x

ShePeeTeePee Thu 28-Aug-08 16:24:29

Had a puncture within first two weeks, 'slimed' and haven't had another since. That was over two years ago. Lots of brambles about at the moment - and they're nasty.

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