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Help - Berchet Baby Driver 3 Trike - where can I get one at short notice??

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MatBackFack Thu 28-Aug-08 11:37:50

Sometime ago we decided to get ds2 one of these for his 1st birthday. I was really struggling to think of anything to get him as we already have so much from ds1, but he never had a trike. After looking at recomendations etc we decide the Berchet one would be great - but it is out of stock everywhere - don't know if they are doing a product refresh or just because it is end of summer. It was too expensive at RRP £55 but I have got into that classic thing of feeling guilty that ds2 will not get as much as ds1 did - we got him a wheely bug for his first birthday. Anyway, imagine my joy when I saw them in Woolworths for £30:, I ordered one 3 weeks ago. It still had not arrived so I phoned up today and, to cut a long story short, the stupid delivery driver had tried to deliver it to the wrong address (similar road name) and it got sent back. They are now out of stock, no more coming in. Does anyone know where else I can get one at short notice?

I know it is stupid as he is only 1 and wont know but I am siiting here crying my eyes out, this has really upset me and has got me with the dc2 guilt thing. dc1 had his pressie ready on the day with a little bow on and I just feel awful we are going to have nothing to give him next week.

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